How To Clean The False Eyelashes Gel Eight Steps To Help You Easily Get

How to clean the false eyelashes gel eight steps to help you easily get
Beauty MM in order to make the eyes more beautiful God, often use false eyelashes. After the makeup remover eyelashes are always kept with glue, throw away feel pity, do not throw fear of re-use. Then how to clean the glue on the false eyelashes? Here’s a look

How to clean the glue on the false eyelashes?








Step 1: Prepare a clean cotton, the use of the false eyelashes on the cotton carefully.






Step 2: take a cotton swab, stained eye makeup remover, and then painted in the roots of false eyelashes.








Step 3: when coated with a cotton swab a little effort, so that you can successfully pull down some residual glue.






Step 4: If you have more stubborn glue band can not come down, you can gently pull with your fingers pull down.







Step 5: false eyelash stems are very fragile, so be gentle. Turn it over and over again, clean it up one by one along the false eyelashes.






Step 6: Always pull the cotton swab back and forth, until no color can be pulled down, the stem is not sticky. Then gently clean the cotton pad with a clean spot.








Step 7: Handle a good false eyelashes on a piece of cotton to dry slightly.






Step 8: Finally, a good eyelash clean well preserved.








It should be noted that when the roots apply the hair comb under the comb, there may be some of the more vulnerable hair will go, but most of the hand-made hair can still withstand such a toss.
Not clear net glue not only affects the use of false eyelashes, eye diseases are more likely to be potential potential safety hazard can not be ignored

Eye Type Determines Your False Eyelashes

Common eye type can be divided into the following three types: short eye type, slender eye type and drooping eye type. Hurry up to see what kind of eye belongs to what kind of false eyelashes and eye makeup method.

Eye type determines your fake eyelashes








Eyeliner + partial false eyelashes

Makeup Features:

This eyelash short before and after the long, there is a significant effect of elongated eye shape. Usually this eye makeup eyelashes is already very thick, so in the daily makeup only need to use glossy eye shadow to make lightening eye shadow on it, highlighting the look of freshness. To go to party at night, just add some pearl eye shadow in the eye to increase the brightness.

Step1 Curl eyelashes, mascara with a thick base, increase the root of the eyelashes blackness and roughness;

Step2 Dry, close to the root of the eyelashes painted black eyeliner, the end of the eye can be properly bold out of 2mm;

Step3 Select the long short false eyelashes, if you can not cut the natural eyelashes two, attached to the end of the eye, a layer of dense enough to paste two layers, the second layer can be the first layer of eyelashes staggered state , So that eyelashes can be more dense;








Eye shadow + natural eyelashes

Makeup Features:

Barbie-type eyelashes are mostly short on both sides of the middle fan-shaped, so more suitable for slender eyes want to round.

Eye shadow painting here to focus on the end of eye smear, select the chocolate color eye shadow with a gradual way from the eyelashes to the upper eyelid SUMI;

And to z-shaped eyes – the end of the eye – the order of eyelashes to brush eyelashes, because the first part of the brush to achieve the most prolonged effect;








False eyelashes + eyeliner

Makeup Features:

Although the drooping eye will give a person with a sense of adorable, but excessive drooping will appear without spirit, for the drooping eye to adjust the length of the false eyelashes to reduce the degree of drooping, from the visual to become higher, and slim slender eyelashes than here Type is more suitable, to be slightly eye-shaped.

The same short and long before the choice of a long false eyelashes, after the end of eye lash length and head flush, the eye-shaped back parallel, be careful not to add too much eye shadow color at the end of the eye, the more the more the color will appear to droop, Top-heavy.

Eyeliner along the eye shape pick 15, the angle does not need too pick, will appear too deliberately will be detached from the original eye

About Six Recommendations Of Eyelash Extension

Here are six tips to read if you’re thinking of investing in eyelash extensions but don’t know where to begin.

1.How to get the best lashes for you?

For lash longevity it’s important to know how and why a lash technician is picking a certain lash, length or shape for you. The natural shape of your lashes (are they curled or straight, long or short?) and the general health of your lashes, hair and nails all play a part in ensuring the look is natural and viable. “A good eyelash technician must have the knowledge to assess a client’s natural lashes. Length, thickness of lash, type of lash,

2.Mink, silk, acrylic or fox: what’s the difference and which looks the most natural?

The only natural fibre lash extensions available are 100% mink, fox and human hair lashes. Of course, the downside of natural fibres is that length and thickness cannot be controlled. But the upside is how natural-looking and soft these options are compared to their synthetic.

3.Can lash extensions affect the health of your natural lashes?

It’s a common misconception that lash extensions can damage or compromise the health of natural lashes thinking may come from forgetting what one’s real lashes are actually like before the extensions. “Unfortunately, clients get used to the length and thickness of having lash extensions and when removed they forget the shortness and thinness of their natural lashes.” If applied correctly and not pulled out, lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes.

4.How to maintain your lashes between refills?

It may seem obvious that the best way to maintain and prolong the life of your extensions is to follow the guidelines put in place by your salon but many people don’t. Playing with or pulling out lashes, over brushing (once a day is ideal), rubbing or scratching your eyes can damage lashes. Also do not get them wet before the allotted eight hours after application (or whatever time frame you’ve been given) is up.

5.Can I wear mascara with my lashes?

While you can wear mascara with your false lashes, it can shorten the life of extensions dramatically and it’s not recommended. Sloane warns that waterproof mascara is a virtual disaster for the product. “Waterproof mascara requires an oil-based make-up remover and will break down the glue very quickly.”

6.Do glasses and contact lenses affect lash extensions?

“People who wear contact lenses are very suitable for lash extensions as they no longer need to wear mascara,” As for glasses, the only real concern is whether or not the lash extensions are so long they hit your lenses – though this doesn’t affect the longevity of lashes.


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