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How to choose an eyelash vendor?

How to choose an eyelash vendor?

1. Quality factor

The quality of Mink Eyelashes is the foundation of the supply chain. The use value of mink eyelashes is based on the quality of mink eyelashes. It determines the quality of final consumerproductsand affects the market competitiveness and market share of products. Therefore, the quality of mink eyelashes is an important factor in choosing a lash vendor.eyelash vendors wholesale usaMink lashes vendor

Rolls lashes uses mink hair naturally shed by Siberian mink. After careful selection by the workers, we also have a professional quality inspection department to ensure that each mink eyelash is qualified. Each pair of our eyelashes is handmade. Yes, we have our own special process and strict quality inspection department, so this is an important reason why our quality is higher than other lash vendors.

Mink lashes vendor

2. On-time delivery factors

Whether the products can be delivered on time according to the agreed time and place is an important factor in choosing an lash vendors. If you pay, but your eyelash vendors does not deliver the products you want, it will It directly affects your eyelash business and will affect the liquidity of your funds.

eyelash box vendorsCustom Eyelash Boxes

Rolls lashes has reached a cooperative relationship with the world’s top express delivery companies to ensure the fastest transportation speed, and we have a professional eyelash production factory and eyelash packaging box production factory. Our assembly line is very mature and can quickly meet the needs of customers. Eyelashes and custom eyelash packaging.

Wholesale Mink Lashes and Packaging

3. The principle of choosing an eyelash vendors

The basic criterion for choosing eyelash vendors is the “Q.C.D.S” principle, which is the principle of equal emphasis on quality, cost, delivery and service. Among the four, the quality factor of mink eyelashes is the most important. First, it is necessary to confirm whether the mink eyelashes vendors has established a stable and effective quality assurance system, and then confirm whether the lash vendor has the equipment and process capability to produce the specific product required.

In terms of delivery, it is necessary to determine whether the eyelash vendors has sufficient production capacity, human resources, and transportation methods. The last point, and very important, is the vendors pre-sales and after-sales service records.

eyelash vendors wholesale usa

eyelash vendors wholesale usa

eyelash vendors wholesale usa

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Why build your own personal brand eyelash business?

Why build your own personal brand eyelash business?

If you want to start your own Eyelash business, then you must build your own personal brand. As long as you have dreams and goals, you must start to build your personal brand.Lash vendors

1: Personal branding allows you to sell eyelashes quickly

In this era of surplus products, Mink Eyelashes are no longer a scarce resource, but interesting and warm people are missing in this era. Add a logo and brand name of your own, plus a person with warmth, you can quickly bring your mink eyelashes to the market.

wholesale eyelash packagingCustom eyelash boxes

2: The future competition is the competition of personal brands.

You now travel with me to another scene, this scene is like this.
A large Eyelash Wholesaler (Rolls lashes) has a project to support the American fashion female start Mink Eyelashes business.
You compete with your competitors for this project, and you have your own personal brand, but your competitors do not, so how big is the difference between you?
Regarding professionalism, you don’t need to describe yourself too much, because you have fully reflected your professionalism in the process of building your personal brand. Your logo and your brand name will be printed in their hearts, which is the influence of your personal brand.

wholesale eyelash packagingMink Eyelash vendors usa

wholesale eyelash packagingMink Eyelash vendors usa

3.Personal branding can bring you more resources

When you successfully build a personal brand and have hundreds of thousands or more fans, you will definitely have high-end resources and contacts coming to your door.
A good and successful eyelash business must have regular customers. You must have fans who like you. You must use your personal brand charm to attract them. They will promote your eyelash business and make your eyelash business do. Do it well.

eyelash vendors wholesale usaLash vendors usa

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Why Can We Make Free Logo Design For You?

Rolls lashes is a Wholesale eyelashes and custom packaging vendor, we provide you with more than 120 styles of eyelash boxes!

Custom eyelash packaging boxEyelash box vendors

If you want to start your own eyelash business, you must establish your own eyelash brand, and we can help you, and it’s free.

custom eyelash boxesEyelash box vendors

Our company has 5 professional packaging designers. They have more than 6 years of design experience. They have many popular and fashionable eyelash packaging cases. They are the fashion leaders. Choose us and you are the brightest one in the night sky.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have your own logo. Just tell us your brand name, social media information and logo ideas, and our designers can complete it quickly and very well for you. I believe it must exceed your expectations. beautiful!

custom eyelash packaging usa

eyelash box vendors

The logo design is free, which means you don’t need to pay extra for the logo design, but you need to pay for the packaging box and eyelashes, so only if you pay in full or pay a deposit, our designer can do the logo design for you, usually a deposit It is half of the full price.

wholesale eyelash packaging

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How Your Favourite Celebrity Idols Get Their Amazing Long Eyelashes?

Well I hate to break it to you, but it’s not all natural, in fact most celebs never leave the house without their wholesale mink lashes! The good news is that I can give you all the tricks of the trade to get your idol look! The trick is to know what works well with your face shape, we have picked our favourite celeb lashes, so read on to find out how to get glamorous eyelashes inspired by the likes of Beyonce, Rhianna, Cheryl Cole, Penelope Cruz, Victoria Beckham and of course Lady Gaga.

Beyonce – Has the ultimate diva eyelashes, she is an idol in the beauty industry. Beyonce wears wholesale mink lashes that often contain glitter and shimmers of different colours. This is a great look as it really opens up your eyes. Glitter and flickers of light brighten up your face and give you a natural glow.

Natural Handcrafted Wholesale Mink Lashes 

Rhianna – I love Rhianna’s style, she always puts a unique twist into all of her looks, and she cleverly does this with her eyelashes. She will go for a very long, thin and perfectly separated black eyelashes combined with block colour eye makeup. In reversal Rhianna will have smoky black eyeliner with coloured feather lashes.

Cheryl Cole – The Nations sweetheart, her big lashes have made her a famous style icon. To get the Cheryl Cole look, we recommend you go for carbon black and perfectly separated and same length best 100% real mink lashes. Cheryl keeps her style simple, extra long and perfect length. Here you can create you Cheryl Cole look with celebrity inspired lashes.

Worldwide Shipping And Free Shipping

Penelope Cruz – Penelope is renowned for her classic, sexy L’Oreal ads for various mascaras. If you have dark brown eyes and features like Penelope then this is a stunning look to go for. Her lashes are carbon black, rather than thin separation she opts for thicker lashes and major curl. She completes her flawless look with a thick strip of black eyeliner across the lash line.

Victoria Beckham – Posh adapts the ‘natural’ look false eyelashes, she prefers to go darker with eyeliner and eye shadow. Her lash style is distinctive with the bulk of her lashes forming at the outer edges of her eyes. The reason this understated look works so well for Posh is because is suits her face shape and short hair cut.

Lady Gaga – Feathers, need we say any more? Lady Gaga is always seen wearing a different pair of crazy coloured eyelashes. She often opts for the artificial feather lashes giving creating her famous unique image.

So if you are Gaga mad and want to get noticed then Self Temptation has a fantastic range of lashes for you.

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Wholesale Private Label Silk Eyelashes

If your party is important and you cannot afford to make any mistake, you should give your preparation a final touch with right kind of private label silk eyelashes. A right pair of eyelashes will add high-quotient glamour to your look and will help you gain instant divadom. Although it is a great idea to go for these eyelashes, the only consideration is to make sure these are not too long; that’s out of fashion actually.

However, it is a good idea to wear private label silk eyelashes, but it is an excellent idea to get some branded eyelashes to go well with your other branded accessories. That’s a point where you can always think about purchasing Bijou Boutique black crystal eyelashes. Yeah, it is just as simple as it looks; and, no, the writing prowess is not making this process look simple!

The Most Luxurious Faux Lashes

In addition, there are many other amazing brands offering the best products for those who are interested in getting ‘better looking’ eyes. For instance, 3D Silk Eyelashes can also be considered in this situation. These eyelashes can be bought and applied with utmost ease, and that’s why these are also recommended. In order to get these with many other branded eyelashes, all you need to do is to go online and perform a simple search.

If you think you are ready for a party, think again! To create a perfect style statement, you should never overlook the importance of using right type of false eyelashes. But, if you are one of those persons who don’t like the idea of wearing false eyelashes, you should get something to volumise and lengthens your eyelashes – Marks & Spencer volume and lengthening mascara can help in this situation.

Free Samples Available

It all boils down to the fact that your eyes should look good when attending a party of your life. There are products to lengthen your eyelashes, but many girls cannot use this option. That’s the point where false eyelashes come into picture with a bang. So, use them to get the status of ‘style goddess’.

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New Design Cheap Customized 3D Mink Lashes

Because long eyelashes are considered as a sign of femininity in most cultures, the easiest way to create female cartoon characters is just to put customized 3d mink lashes on their eyes. Snoopy’s sister, Belle looks like him but has longer eyelashes.

Physically, eyelashes protect the eye from debris and perform some of the same function as whiskers do on a cat or a mouse in the sense that they are sensitive to being touched, thus providing a warning that an object (such as an insect or dust mote) is near the eye, which is then closed reflexively.

customized 3d mink lashes VS Eye rash

As it is much more comfortable than curling lashes and using mascara every time before leaving home, applying false eyelashes becomes a popular way to get glamour eyes. However, customized 3d mink lashes also need hygienic care to avoid side effects after applying them. In non-hygienic circumstance, rash can occur in any part of body, even eyes.

Big Discount And Free Sample

Do you know what lives in your eyelashes? The small creatures called “Demodicid” is a tiny mite, less than 0.4 mm. long, that lives in your pores and hair follicles, usually on the nose, forehead, cheek, and chin, and often in the roots of your eyelashes. People with oily skin, or those who use cosmetics heavily and don’t wash thoroughly, have the heaviest infestations. Inflammation and infection often result when large numbers of these mites congregate in a single follicle. Large numbers of demodex mites may cause itching and skin disorders.

“Crab lice are wingless, about 1 to 3 mm long. They attach themselves to hair strands, and hatch out of pods with lids. Ones that are too tightly attached to be brushed off must be removed by pulling with the nails or a fine tooth-comb. The crab louse can live in almost any form of human hair, but is found most commonly in pubic hair. Its legs are adapted to climbing along relatively widely spaced hairs, and so it can be found in eyebrows, eyelashes, pubic hair, beards, moustaches, and even armpit hair. The louse feeds on blood and can leave irritating spots on the skin, sometimes mistaken for pimples.

Side Effect From Fake Eyelash Glue

The fake eyelash glue can cause inflammation, rash, and scales around eyelids. In some cases, lymph pimples may occur.

Weak Eyelash Pores

Supporting more weight from false eyelashes all the time, eyelash pores can become weakened which causes the eyelashes to fall easily.

Enhancing Beauty with No Risk

Before applying permanent or non-permanent 3D Mink Eyelashes, consider:

Hygienic beauty shops with skilled staff – The shops must also provide high-quality 3D Mink Eyelashes glue.

Irritation occurring with eyes – If there are some irritation such as rash, itching, or skin disorders occurring with any area of eyes, wait until the symptom is cured.

Period of eyelashes enhancement – Let eyes have a rest after each eyelashes enhancement in order to recover eyelash roots.

Best Special New Design Cheap Customized Gorgeous 3D Mink Fur Lashes

Allergy records – Those who have allergy records in eye tissue or often get eye sty should avoid eyelashes enhancement.

High – quality mascara – Use high quality mascara and brush only one time to your eyelashes. Wait until the first brushing dry out before apply the second one in order to avoid making eyelashes stick together.

Eye-makeup remover – To clean eye areas, eye make-up remover is the best thing for removing mascara without any irritation. It is not suggested to apply facial cleanser or cosmetic remover because it is harmful to eyelids.

Kuroo is a beauty lover, Phd. Student, and a webmaster. Interesting on beauty chemical products, the experiment on beauty products, and the scientific way on beauty treatment, having search for the beauty tips and beauty treatment, head to toe. Find other articles on beauty treatment, head to toe on

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Ten Ways To Use Mascara

Special needs special treatment

Almost all mascara claims to be both dense and well-defined and elongated, but we tell you it’s impossible. A mascara can only have a few of the key features, and sometimes the formula will sacrifice one of the features in order to achieve the perfect function of another

Make-up artist Troy Surratt said, “If you want special effects, may wish to find a special section for their needs,” curling mascara contains resin and paraffin wax can help enhance the curl effect, longer formula nylon Fibers can help lengthen the effect. Brush head is also very important, large and thick brush brush out of eyelashes brush effect is the same.








Black is the best choice

Anyone can use black, whether it is a blonde or a brunette girl. Make-up artist Susan Giordano said: “The effect of mascara is to enhance the eye effect, eyelashes root clear and distinct, but perhaps you do not have to be coated to achieve that effect, but that does not mean that you can take the risk of trying a variety of Color mascara green eyes, blue eyes and light brown eyes with purple mascara will be great, and the contrast of brown eyes and blue or green mascara will be very stunning use black or dark brown eyes with brown and black eyelashes Cream is very good.






Do not use waterproof products as a last resort

Mascara, which uses a water-repellent formula every day, can make makeup remorse cumbersome; you have to rub it down to remove it, and doing so can make the eyelashes exceptionally fragile. Or leave it at the beach or friends wedding to use it.








First clip the perfect arc

A good eyelash curler can make the eyes become bigger and more sexy in minutes, the secret is to use the eyelash curler before mascara, otherwise the mascara will stick to the eyelash curler, and drag some eyelash. Look straight in the mirror and raise the chin. Keep the clip pressed against the root of the eyelashes for 3-5 seconds, and then stay in the middle of the eyelashes for three, about a second.






How to increase the sense of abundance of eyelashes

After curling, first on both the upper and lower lashes are painted with long mascara. Then, brush the curling mascara at the root again. The last horizontal brush eyelashes make it appear even more abundance, so painted eyelashes make the eyes look slender and stylish.








How to lengthen and make it clear

In the short eyelashes coated with two layers of long mascara can quickly make up for lack of. First with the towel on the mascara excess paste rub off, brush one eye and then apply the other one, once after brushing it to brush again. Brush from the roots of the eyelashes, and then gently stretch. Soleimani said: “This quick brush method can make eyelashes clear roots at the same time make eyes bigger and more God.”






Correct brush out the “fly leg” effect

Flies leg is not a symbol of bad taste, in the Fashion Week T stage, this trend has returned. After curling the eyelashes, apply the mascara with the curling formula on the upper and lower eyelashes, and then brush the mascara. Soleimani first brush the three layers of curling mascara, and then brush with a round head on the eyelash brush again. She told us: “Grasp the brush handle, and then get the effect of spider legs brushing up and down.”








Do not drop your lashes

The lower lashes are the last step to getting smoky makeup, but do not clumsy get the mascara all together. If only daily makeup, gently sweep the eyelashes under the brush can be.






Remove caking

If you want to have the “fly leg” effect, eyelash knot point knot that is a small thing, but for everyday everyday makeup, sticky, knotted eyelashes can be no beauty. While the mascara has not dried, clean the knots with a clean brush.








Unloading clean makeup

Coated layer after layer of mascara, not only need to cleanser to remover. Need eye makeup remover products help you easily remove the stubborn cosmetics. Use a cotton pad soaked in cleansing water to gently press on the eyelashes for a few seconds so that the cleansing oil penetrates in and rubs the eyes with a cotton pad.

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How To Clean The False Eyelashes Gel Eight Steps To Help You Easily Get

How to clean the false eyelashes gel eight steps to help you easily get
Beauty MM in order to make the eyes more beautiful God, often use false eyelashes. After the makeup remover eyelashes are always kept with glue, throw away feel pity, do not throw fear of re-use. Then how to clean the glue on the false eyelashes? Here’s a look

How to clean the glue on the false eyelashes?








Step 1: Prepare a clean cotton, the use of the false eyelashes on the cotton carefully.






Step 2: take a cotton swab, stained eye makeup remover, and then painted in the roots of false eyelashes.








Step 3: when coated with a cotton swab a little effort, so that you can successfully pull down some residual glue.






Step 4: If you have more stubborn glue band can not come down, you can gently pull with your fingers pull down.







Step 5: false eyelash stems are very fragile, so be gentle. Turn it over and over again, clean it up one by one along the false eyelashes.






Step 6: Always pull the cotton swab back and forth, until no color can be pulled down, the stem is not sticky. Then gently clean the cotton pad with a clean spot.








Step 7: Handle a good false eyelashes on a piece of cotton to dry slightly.






Step 8: Finally, a good eyelash clean well preserved.








It should be noted that when the roots apply the hair comb under the comb, there may be some of the more vulnerable hair will go, but most of the hand-made hair can still withstand such a toss.
Not clear net glue not only affects the use of false eyelashes, eye diseases are more likely to be potential potential safety hazard can not be ignored

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About Six Recommendations Of Eyelash Extension

Here are six tips to read if you’re thinking of investing in eyelash extensions but don’t know where to begin.

1.How to get the best lashes for you?

For lash longevity it’s important to know how and why a lash technician is picking a certain lash, length or shape for you. The natural shape of your lashes (are they curled or straight, long or short?) and the general health of your lashes, hair and nails all play a part in ensuring the look is natural and viable. “A good eyelash technician must have the knowledge to assess a client’s natural lashes. Length, thickness of lash, type of lash,

2.Mink, silk, acrylic or fox: what’s the difference and which looks the most natural?

The only natural fibre lash extensions available are 100% mink, fox and human hair lashes. Of course, the downside of natural fibres is that length and thickness cannot be controlled. But the upside is how natural-looking and soft these options are compared to their synthetic.

3.Can lash extensions affect the health of your natural lashes?

It’s a common misconception that lash extensions can damage or compromise the health of natural lashes thinking may come from forgetting what one’s real lashes are actually like before the extensions. “Unfortunately, clients get used to the length and thickness of having lash extensions and when removed they forget the shortness and thinness of their natural lashes.” If applied correctly and not pulled out, lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes.

4.How to maintain your lashes between refills?

It may seem obvious that the best way to maintain and prolong the life of your extensions is to follow the guidelines put in place by your salon but many people don’t. Playing with or pulling out lashes, over brushing (once a day is ideal), rubbing or scratching your eyes can damage lashes. Also do not get them wet before the allotted eight hours after application (or whatever time frame you’ve been given) is up.

5.Can I wear mascara with my lashes?

While you can wear mascara with your false lashes, it can shorten the life of extensions dramatically and it’s not recommended. Sloane warns that waterproof mascara is a virtual disaster for the product. “Waterproof mascara requires an oil-based make-up remover and will break down the glue very quickly.”

6.Do glasses and contact lenses affect lash extensions?

“People who wear contact lenses are very suitable for lash extensions as they no longer need to wear mascara,” As for glasses, the only real concern is whether or not the lash extensions are so long they hit your lenses – though this doesn’t affect the longevity of lashes.


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