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Dramatic 25mm mink lashes

Dramatic 25mm mink lashes

25mm mink lashes are one of the most popular wholesale eyelashes collection in recent years,they are thick,curled and dramatic,and could magnify your eyes and also magnify your beauty. but it is also harder to make than 16mm wholesale lashes and 20mm wholesale eyelashes, workers must select the longest Siberian Mink hairs to match the length carefully. Mink Lash Vendor RollsLashes has professional designer team and experienced workers, we provide the most popular and fashionable 25mm mink lashes with best quality to customers,once you purchase our 25mm mink lashes,you will not need any other Lash vendors forever.

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25mm mink lashes is the most dramatic and sexy eyelash style.

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Our Mink eyelashes are made by hand using Siberian mink hair. They are of good quality and can be used repeatedly for 15-20 times without distortion.

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25mm Mink eyelash function: suitable for parties or professional occasions, such as weddings, photography, nightlife, and daytime use.
If you want to show your charm in front of more people, please use 25mm mink eyelashes.25MM mink lashes DY001

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