Mink Eyelash Vendors Wholesale 25MM 3D Mink Strip Lash Manufacturer

Eyelash Vendors Rolls Lashes has been a leading Wholesale Mink Lashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging diversity and inclusion manufacturer since 2008. We currently produce more than 300 styles of various sizes of 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale & 25MM Lashes & Eyelash Packaging We are OEM & ODM for major brands all over the world, We offer customized solutions for all customers whether you are an individual a mall, or a well-known enterprise, to provide you with the satisfying service.

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•13 years of Sustainability Eyelash Development, Manufacturing Experience, and Ability

•Directly from the Lash Manufacturer, the Best Wholesale Mink Lashes price

•Unparalleled Quality Assurance, Any Quality Issues, We have Money-Back Guarantee from the After-Sales Department

Rolls lashes cruelty free certificationRolls Lashes Cruelty-Free Certification

•Provide Creativity Custom Lash Packaging and Free Logo Design

•Provide Fast FedEx Express Transportation

•Support Alibaba, PayPal, Western Union, T / T, Buyers and Seller Protection Secure Business Deal

Lash Manufacturer

25MM Mink Lashes Multiple layers of hairs with varying thickness and contras. Best Choice for Party Festival photoshoot extremely dramatic. Luxury looking will make all eyes on you.


16MM 3D Mink Eyelashes cover 15mm to 17mm in length, which is suitable for most customers.

It is very suitable for daily work. The wearing effect is very natural. The multi-layer 3D effect makes it look real, full, and fluffy.

A pair of eyelashes only weighs. 0.5 grams. Lightweight “0” burden. You will not even feel their presence. So it is the most sold eyelash style.

3d mink lashes wholesale


20MM Mink Lashes Compared to 25MM Lashes, it doesn’t look so dramatic. But compared to the traditional mink length, and more attractive.

Top designer Bali Barret directs the design. Keep up with the latest fashion trends with this cool.


lash vendors

3D Mink Lashes DC is our first classic regular mink eyelashes. Suitable for everyone.

If you like natural and classic looks. These 3D Mink Lashes are the best choice. We have been constantly optimizing these eyelash styles based on customer feedback since the establishment of the company. Now it has become the Top Eyelash style of Eyelash Vendors USA

3d mink lashes wholesaleMagnetic eyelashes

Lashes Packaging

•More than 150 kinds of Diversity and Inclusion Custom Lash Boxes for you to choose

Customize Your Own Eyelash Box MOQ Only Needs 30 PCS

•Free Logo Design

•Production time is only 3-5 days

•Best Printing Process:Embossing, Smooth Bonding, Matte Bonding, UV Coating, Varnishing, Bronzing ETC.

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

How To Order Custom Eyelash Packaging From Us?

1. Contact our designer by WhatsApp:+8618753266218


2. Tell us your opinion about the Lash Box and therefore the quantity you would like or choose your favorite eyelash box styles from our Eyelash Packaging List.

3. Send your private label logo to us, our designer will make it on the Eyelash Packaging Box you would like, and send the draft to you to see and ensure.

4. After confirmation, we will start the assembly and send your Custom Eyelash Packaging to you as soon as possible.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

•We have a professional design team and we will make the Eyelash packaging with your logo and let you check after received your payment and we will start producing them after you agreed on the design, so do not worry

•Professional Eyelash Vendors Designer Team To Provide You With FREE Logo Design



Q1:Do you accept Lash Sample Order?

A: yes, of course. you can choose models you like as samples to test.

Q2: Do you supply OEM custom eyelash packaging and how many days for making boxes?

A: Yes, sure. We can make custom packaging for you. You just need to send the logo and box style u want, and we will make the design, confirm, print, and use it for your lash orders. and box-making needs about 2-3 weeks. Select the box to print the logo from our eyelash packaging catalog, the production time only takes 3-5 working days.

Q3:How many types of Wholesale Mink Eyelashes you have?

A: We have 3D mink lashes, 5D mink lashes, 7D mink lashes,25mm mink lashes, faux mink lashes 150 different eyelash styles

Q4: How many times can the Mink Lashes be used?

A: clients’ feedback shows that it can be used 15-25 times properly and gently.

Q5: Which shipping way is available and how long does it take to arrive?

A: Usually we use DHL, UPS, and FEDEX according to different countries,3-5 days and 4-9 days have different shipping costs.
We will provide the tracking number ASAP after the goods are shipped out.

Q6: How do you get the Mink Fur?

A: It is collected when minks fall their hair every year, so it is 100% cruelty-free.

Q7: Can you provide Drop-Shipping?

A: Yes, sure, we can ship orders to your clients directly.

Q8:Are you a Trader or Manufacturer?

A: We are both. We have our own factory and trading company

Eyelash Vendors Tool

Eyelashes Tweezers:

•Unique new design, nip using humanized multifunctional design, as long as you have it, paste false eyelashes easier, more comfortable, clean.

9 different color mixing options

Print Logo MOQ 20 PCS

Free tweezers packaging bag included

tweezersCustom Applicator Tweezers

Eyelash Glue & Glue Pen:

Our glue is of excellent quality and will never cause allergic reactions. Our glue is very waterproof and We can customize and print the logo on your favorite lash glue, you won’t have to worry about the quality. Easy to clean and fast dry, convenient for your use

LASH GLUECustom Eyelashes Glue

•About this item:
•Super Strong Brush On Adhesive
•Water & Sweat Proof
•Safe on Skin (Ophthalmologist Tested, Hypoallergenic)
•Formaldehyde FREE
•Latex FREE

High-Quality Glue

•AMAZINGLY EASY TO USE – The precision tip of the pen glides on even and smooth along the lash lines without skips, slips, and gaps. It goes on wet to act as an adhesive as you lift the eyelashes in place in seconds …STRUGGLE FREE! And the best part is that it quickly dries as a liner to create the & mascara appearance


glue pen boxLash Glue Pen Box


Eyelash  Brush:

Sometimes we will give our customers beautiful eyelash brushes for Free as gifts.

brushDifferent Colors Lash  Brush

Lip Gloss Tubes:

Wholesale Lip Gloss Tubes of different popular styles, support Custom Lip Gloss Tubes, MOQ 30 PCS.

lip glossLip Gloss Tubes With Brush

wholesale lip gloss baseWholesale Lip Gloss

Human Virgin Hair:

Supply Quality Virgin Hair to Wholesale Hair Distributors, Hair Vendors & Clients at Real Factory Prices!ROLLS LASHES HAIR

Wholesale Virgin Hair ManufacturerWholesale Hair Bundles

Eyelash Sample Packs

The quality of our Wholesale Mink Lashes is impeccable, but some customers can’t feel it personally. Therefore, in order to strive to win the trust of our customers and the recognition of our products, we provide a variety of different combinations of Eyelash Sample Packs. To choose from, these eyelash sample packs are representative of popular style eyelashes and excellent quality support.

Our Mink Lashes Wholesale are made from selected mink fur hairs that are simply brushed from live mink by hand. They are not subjected to chemicals or dyes and thus retain their rich velvety appearance. Their appearance is why so many of the A-list celebrities wear them.



Eyelash Vendors USA Mink Lash Vendors Wholesale 25mm Mink Lashes

•Rolls Lashes is a high-quality Eyelash Vendors We Wholesale 25MM Mink Lashes and 3D Mink Lashes to the US. Rolls Mink Lash Vendors have won the trust and support of thousands of customers with fast delivery. high-quality products and thoughtful after-sales service.

Eyelash Vendors WholesaleWholesale Lashes Vendor

•100% cruelty-free real mink fur, we only select natural shed mink hair from young mink; soft but not easily deformed; all the materials have been sterilized before use; the color is naturally black, no plastic effect.

•Mink lashes are all hand made and all workers are over 5 years of experience; the thin smooth cotton band is soft and has been sterilized before use; the newest special process treated to make sure the hair not fall off the right eye and left eye the same on different batches.

lash vendors20mm lashes

2.How do you design Lashes Styles? Do you work with Eyelash Designers?

Yes, we have a professional designer team and work closely with our Eyelash Factory, to ensure we are getting the exact pattern we had imagined.

We start with CAD drawings and we lay out a specific pattern for each eye. Using our own construction method, we’re able to achieve a very natural “messiness”, while maintaining some structure.

Mink Lash ManufacturerEyelash Design

3.Wholesale Mink Lashes are a popular product in the beauty industry. How do you distinguish it from other Eyelash Suppliers?

At that time we completely redefined the category. When we first made eyelashes, it was no different from other Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors.

According to market feedback, after our continuous improvement, The strands on our products were finer, less shiny, and the ends taper naturally and have a beautiful curl, just like your own natural lashes. Not only that, we have created a unique handmade process, Makes our eyelashes incredibly elastic, so they can be worn multiple times.

Hand Make Mink Eyelashes FactoryBased on Customer Feedback to Improve Lash Style

Starting an Eyelash business for the first time?

If you really want to create your own brand, You have to find quality Mink Lashes Vendors If you only want to choose the cheapest product, you have to make a brand. I suggest you not waste your time, because 100% of this will fail! If you still have to do it, you can only waste your money and time, which is our sincere suggestion, because we have met too many customers to do this. I hope you will be ready, thinking well, doing market research, investigating products.

lash vendorsEyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

Choosing  Eyelash Packaging Box with your own logo and brand name is the first step in starting your own brand eyelash business,We have helped thousands of customers build their own eyelash brands and their business is very popular.

Eyelash packaging boxWholesale Mink Lashes and Packaging

How to Sell 25MM 3D Mink Lashes Through Social Media?

In recent years, more and more consumers have begun to shop directly on social media platforms. With the improvement of social shopping functions, the social media platform is no longer just an advertising channel. People can now easily and quickly purchase goods on the social media platform of their choice.
Good social media marketing is essential, it will determine whether you will have a good eyelash business.
Now you will find that there are many Lash Vendors and Retailers in IG or Tik Tok. But not everyone has succeeded. Let’s take a look at the techniques.

22mm mink lashes

First: Correct Thinking

Many people just start the eyelash business and routinely find some 3D Mink Lashes with very low prices and quality to sell.

These eyelashes are difficult to sell. Whether in retail or Wholesale Mink Lashes their essence is to create value and make customers more beautiful and confident.

If the customer does not have a good experience. I believe there will be many after-sales problems.

A successful eyelash business is not a one-time transaction. We need to continue to establish contact with customers.

lash vendorsFaux Lashes and 25MM Mink Lashes Wholesale

Second: Flow

When you have some 25MM 3D Mink Lashes and Eyelash Packaging that meet the customer’s quality requirements, the next thing you have to do is to learn how to do drainage.

When it comes to drainage, many people think of spending money to advertise and sell products. Of course, I would not recommend that you advertise directly to sell products.

The traffic mentioned here is to make your own traffic to build some followers on social media.

How To Find A Vendor For Lashes13MM LASHES

Before you make this action, you must know who your potential customers are? where are they? What problems are facing?

I usually find and target customers through some keywords, such as #25mm lashes #Wholesale Mink Lashes #Eyelash Packaging

At this time you can make a series of content like articles and videos to solve the problems they are currently facing. You can take pictures of your products videos of using them and share some real customer experience.

If you do this you will start to be followed and these are your own traffic.

Mink lashes wholesale vendorsEyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

Third: Conversion

When you are followed on social media you are chased afterward. You can start to convert these followers into your customers.

When it comes to switching customers it means to start selling products. You can see how the current Lash Vendors and Retailers sell their products? Most of them just casually tell others that they have these styles of eyelashes what are the benefits.

To sell products well you must rememberCustomers like to buy things, but they don’t like being promoted to buy products.

Also, you can’t sell some eyelashes that you are not using. We should personally use these eyelashes and share them with customers. Building trust is very important for social media.

When these followers follow you, they will naturally have a certain degree of trust in you, and they will automatically consult you when they encounter problems.

You only need to strategically advise customers on what eyelashes and products to use (for example, Beginners are not suitable for wearing 25mm lashes) can quickly achieve the results they want.


Why Can’t We Wholesale Cheap Mink Lashes (Low-Quality Products)?

1. Low-Priced Mink Lashes are Mostly Inferior Mink Lashes

The main production area of Best Mink Eyelashes is in China. With the increase in labor compensation in China and the decline in the dollar exchange rate, the cost of handmade eyelashes has doubled compared to a few years ago.

You originally needed quality eyelashes that you could buy for $3, but now it’s at least $4-5.

Therefore, the low-cost eyelashes you buy in the market for $2 are all low-quality mink eyelashes produced by the machine. The user experience is very poor and looks fake. Your customers may return or even claim against you!

lash vendors25MM Mink Lashes VS Silk Lashes

2. Low-Priced Mink Eyelashes May Even be a Scam

Many Lash Manufacturers do not have their own designers and skilled workers, so they can only produce low-priced mink eyelashes. These Wholesale Mink Eyelashes usually get orders at very low prices and then send inferior eyelashes to customers.

They earn improper income through such improper means and the eyelash pictures they provide are very different. If you do not verify the eyelash samples, you will be deceived and the loss will be even greater!

mink lashesWholesale Popular Mink Lashes

3. Customers are More Concerned About the Quality of Mink Lashes, the Price is Not as Important as You Think!

Do you think low-priced mink eyelashes are easy to sell? Hermès Shops are overcrowded every day, but no one cares about the handbags sold by street vendors. Why? Because of quality, customers always yearn for something with a good experience.

You must remember that quality and service are the first, and price is the second. You sell good quality but high price products, 70% of customers will buy products from you again, but if you sell mink at low-quality prices, despite the low price, then customers will never buy products from you.

Handmade Wholesale Mink Lashes

I can’t give you the lowest price, I can only give you the highest quality. I would rather explain the price for a while than apologize for the quality for a lifetime.

Eyelash Packaging BoxWholesale Eyelash Vendors

What People are Saying

•We always provide customers with high-quality eyelashes through strict inspections so when you buy our 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale there is no need to worry, we are willing to cooperate with you for a long time.

•You can feel the real feedback from Rolls Lashes, and all eyelashes are popular luxury mink eyelashes, which are very popular in the market.

lash vendorsMink Lash Vendors

Why Do We Have So Many Repeat Customers?

Repeating customers is an important factor in improving our company’s business and the Mink Eyelash Business without repeating customers will not last long. Although there are many Eyelash Vendors many Lash Vendors do not have repeat customers themselves because they are of poor quality and cannot meet the needs of the sales of customers.

Eyelash packaging box

Whether it is an Eyelash Vendors or an eyelash retailer, they need repeat customers. No repeat customers are equivalent to no basic customers. Economic security is the same. Now 60% of our company’s performance comes from repeat customers. In this way, you should know the importance of repeat customers. Then why do we have so many repeat customers?


lash vendorsWholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

1. Technology:

Our natural mink eyelashes are made by hand, because to ensure the symmetry, beauty, consistency, and perfection of 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale, one of our workers can only make 20 pairs of mink eyelashes per day and make them The number of eyelashes is limited, so the quality of our 3D mink eyelashes can be guaranteed.

mink lashes20MM Mink Lashes and 7D Mink Lashes Wholesale

2. Professionalism:

We have a professional Eyelash Packaging and Lash Factory. A professional design team will regularly update the current most popular mink eyelashes and eyelash box styles for us, so our customers will get the most popular mink eyelashes and custom eyelashes packaging boxes on the market as soon as possible, keeping up with fashion trends to get a good one Sales.

Eyelash Vendors WholesaleLash Manufacturer

3. Speed:

Because we are a professional Lash Manufacturer we have a faster production speed and sufficient inventory supply. If the customer needs to replenish and order some mink eyelashes, we only need to give us one day of preparation time, the next day Delivery orders can be arranged, and the production speed of our custom eyelash packaging boxes for repeat customers will be very fast. Because the design has been confirmed, we can directly arrange the production order and it only takes 2-3 days to complete.

Custom eyelash packagingWholesale 25mm Mink Lashes

4. Service:

If you want to place an order and start your eyelash business, we have professional sales staff who will arrange one-to-one lashes and Custom Eyelash Boxes for you according to your needs, and solve you for you Any problems. And our after-sales service is very good because we are doing long-term business, of course, we will also have some discounts for returning customers. We hope to establish long-term cooperative relations with customers as friends

lash vendor Customer feedbackTrusted Eyelash Vendor

Our Daily PayPal Transaction Records

Buy Mink Lashes Wholesale

We Also Support Alibaba Transactions

lash vendorsBest Mink Lashes Wholesale Alibaba

Our After-Sales Service

Professional Team

Firstly, our sales team can provide professional solutions in time online.

High Efficiency

Secondly, we can deliver the order in a relatively short time, for we have a very large stock and have signed agreements with many delivery companies, such as FedEx and others. our production time is about 4-7 Workdays after received your payment, the shipping time is about 3-7 Workdays

Sufficient Inventory

For most, we maintain a sizeable stock of our standard products for immediate dispatch and delivery, Excellent quality, competitive price, punctual delivery, and dependable service can be guaranteed.


How To Contact With  Us

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