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Why Can We Get 200 Mink Lash Orders Every Day?

Why Can We Get 200 Mink Lash Orders Every Day?

Custom eyelash boxes

Rolls lashes is a Mink Eyelash industry and trade company Group, we are Lash Manufacturer, Wholesale eyelash vendors USA.

Mink eyelash vendors usa

We are also Custom Lash Box Packaging factory, we can provide you with customized Lash Packaging Boxes,print your LOGO on the Packaging box!

Eyelash packaging wholesale

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1. Our possible Mink eyelashes are the main reason why we can get 200 Mink Lash Orders every day. We have professional eyelash production personnel and quality inspectors to ensure that the quality of our eyelashes is the best.

wholesale mink lashes and packagingMink lash vendors

2. We are close to 200 box styles, and we have a professional designer team that can design logos for customers for FREE and add them to the boxes that customers like. 3D printing technology can guarantee the highest level and authenticity of the patterns for customers.

Custom lash packaging

3. Our efficiency is very high. After the customer places the order, we can respond quickly and provide one-stop service. The mink eyelash order only needs 4-5 customers to receive the eyelash style she wants. The order with a Customized eyelash box, our The production time is within 7 working days, plus the transportation time is only 13 days! We cooperate with FedEx, their transportation speed is the fastest and the service is also very good.

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mink eyelash wholesale distributor usa

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