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2021 Best 13mm Natural Eyelash Style

2021 Best 13mm Natural Eyelash Style

Recently we have received a lot of feedback from customers, they want to Wholesale Natural Style Mink Lashes because some customers and eyelash beginners feel that 25mm eyelashes are too big. So we launched 13mm Lashes.

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Eyelash beginners try thick and thick dramatic mink eyelashes at the beginning, and it is easy to feel frustrated because of the unfitness of the eyes caused by the heavy foreign body sensation. Choosing natural-style false eyelashes is a good start.《How To Choose the Best Mink Lashes?》

How to choose natural and comfortable eyelashes?

There are so many styles of false eyelashes on the market, how do choose one that is natural and not exaggerated? First of all, you must choose the ones that are comfortable to wear, and that the heads and tails of the eyes will not rise. Thin and cotton stalks are more comfortable than plastic stalks. The thickness of the stem will also make the effect different. The advantage of thick stems is that they can hold up the eyelids and are visually warped. People with inner double eyelids can use false eyelashes with a slightly thicker stem, and the eyelids can look like outer double eyelids.

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Steps to have natural false eyelashes

Briefly explain the steps of wearing false eyelashes: first, trim the length of the eyelashes to be worn, adjust the width of the stem so that it fits the curvature of the eye, apply false eyelash glue, and then stick it on the eyelids, and finally brush the true and false eyelashes together.

The tools needed to wear false eyelashes: eyelash scissors, eyelash glue, eyeliner, mascara (apply mascara at the end to fit the false eyelashes to the real eyelashes).

Usually, before wearing eyelashes, you need to trim and adjust the appearance of the eyelashes so that they will look natural after wearing them.

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Different areas will have different effects

How to wear it to make the eyes look bigger? Try two-stage and three-stage stickers. Divide the false eyelashes into two long and short sections. The longer one is attached to the 1/3 of the end of the eye, and the shorter one is attached to the top of the eyeball, which will have the effect of elongated eyelashes. Moreover, the false eyelashes are cut into two sections and pasted, so that the true and false eyelashes will not be seen, and the effect is very good.What Can I do to Get a Good Price for Lashes?》

13mm Strip Eyelash Style Recommendation

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