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2021 Global Eyelashes Market Development Trend

2021 Global Eyelashes Market Development Trend

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2021 is an extraordinary year. The new normal after the epidemic has brought great subversion to the consumer psychology and behavior of global consumers.
It also has a profound impact on the global retail and Wholesale mink eyelashes pattern. Such a complex and changeable market environment has brought Eyelash manufacturers and eyelash suppliers to the United States to a new stage of development, and has also brought many opportunities and challenges to our customers and partners.

Therefore, as one of the professional Eyelash vendors, we have released 《Eyelash Market Trends》 with multiple Wholesale eyelash suppliers China and according to the latest market analysis data, hoping to bring the latest industry insights to our customers.

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The global eyelash retail and Wholesale eyelash market has gone through more than ten years. Benefiting from people’s demand for eyelashes and the continuous pursuit of beauty and fashion, 《What is the best lashes wholesale?》many Eyelash Vendors USA have begun to take shape and have accumulated strong eyelash products and supplies. Chain capabilities and certain experience in social media operations, but limited user stickiness and pressure on profits, are gradually becoming obstacles to the next development of some companies. We have been paying attention to the trends of our partners and industry trends, and we are deeply aware that in the future, brands that have strong brand power and build clear recognition and loyalty among consumers will be able to get rid of traffic and low-price competition, and are improving Users repurchase, create product premiums and other aspects, and at the same time, excellent eyelash brands can also play a good role in resisting risk factors such as epidemics.

1.We focus on researching a number of European and American eyelash brands and new Internet brands to explore their best practices.

User dimension: Based on the in-depth analysis of user portraits and shopping journeys, providing users with professional eyelash knowledge and more patient responses is the only way for successful eyelash companies to improve user experience and repurchase;

Product dimensions: Professional Custom eyelash packaging boxes often accurately define user needs and attract purchases, creating superior 3D mink eyelashes.
You can rely on scientific planning of 25mm Lashes, periodic new 3D Lashes products, and creation of explosive models in line with user positioning to drive sales;

Brand dimension: Successful eyelash companies often occupy the minds of consumers by building prominent brand stories, presenting a unified brand image, and using a variety of marketing methods.

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1. E-commerce accelerates development under the catalysis of the epidemic

In 2020, the new crown epidemic swept the world, and consumers turned to online consumption on a large scale, stimulating the rapid development of the global e-commerce retail industry. From the perspective of e-commerce retail sales, from 2019 to 2020, the retail sales of Eyelash suppliers in major countries in Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific region experienced rapid growth of more than 15%.

Looking at the global market, the mature mink eyelash market represented by the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada has developed a good ecology after decades of development, and the per capita purchase rate is at the leading level in the world. Therefore, we are facing these three In the past 12 months, the country has issued survey questionnaires to online consumers who have made purchases on independent e-commerce channels and social media platforms. Based on the 3,000 questionnaires collected, it explores how consumers’ online consumption behaviors before and after the epidemic.Changes in shopping minds and focus on 3D mink lashes, lash packaging, lash tools, lash glue.

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1. Cultivate the user’s online shopping habit

Trying to shop online during the epidemic may not be voluntary, but as the epidemic continues to spread and the convenient experience of buying eyelashes and wholesale eyelashes online, some consumers have learned more about online shopping and nurtured online shopping Habitually, about 75% of respondents said that they will continue to buy these 3D mink eyelashes and Eyelash packaging online after the epidemic.

2. Convenience

Easily find what they need, one-click ordering, door-to-door delivery and cost-effectiveness are the main reasons why consumers continue to buy and wholesale mink eyelashes online.
Consumers over the age of 40 pay more attention to the cost-effectiveness of eyelashes. At the same time, allowing consumers to more intuitively understand high-quality eyelash products and shorten the delivery time, which can attract them to buy more. And social interaction is also an important consideration for younger consumers. Most of the young respondents said that the reason for not continuing to buy online is that they “cannot shop with relatives and friends” online, which is significantly higher than other age groups.

3. Impulse consumption

More impulsive consumption is inspired by promotional information and Custom eyelash packaging, 《Where to buy custom eyelash packaging?》while the influence of celebrities in impulsive consumption has declined. “I want to change the product”
It is still the primary reason for the rational consumption of consumers in various countries. At the same time, the epidemic has reduced the demand for eyelashes on certain occasions (such as festivals), but it has led to more emotionally stimulating consumption, such as rewarding oneself or choosing gifts for others.

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How to get more customers?

In order to further attract and retain consumers, eyelash brands should pay attention to better eyelash products cost-effective, reliable payment and refund Exchange service, and simple shopping process.

Providing a clear return and exchange policy, detailed eyelash product information and a trusted third-party payment platform is the best way for the brand’s official website to build consumer trust, which is especially important for middle-aged and elderly people.

Build a good brand impression

The brand impression of lashes comes not only from the product and shopping experience, but also from its value proposition. Advocating specific values to help brands build “personality” and establish an emotional connection with their users. In addition to the values that have been advocated by many brands such as “sustainable development” and “animal protection”, ”
The new value propositions of the Eyelash box such as “creativity” and “minimalism” are also rapidly penetrating the younger generation of consumer groups.

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I hope you will have a better and better business with reference to these analysis data in 2021. If you have any good ideas, please feel free to contact us Whatsapp +8618753266218

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