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2021 lip gloss tube hot selling style recommendation

2021 Lip Gloss Tubes Hot Selling Style Recommendation

1. The development history of lip gloss and lip gloss packaging

lip gloss wholesaleLip gloss tubes with brush

In 3500 BC, How to make lip gloss humans began to apply some colored minerals and plant pigments on the cheeks and lips to achieve the purpose of beauty.

Sumerians first, then Egyptians, Syrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans. A mixture of colored wood, plants and fruit pulp and lard is packed in a small bottle for lip gloss beauty.

According to historical records, in 1895, France had a red lipstick called “Pomad en Baton” containing beef fat and beeswax. At that time the lipstick was in liquid or paste form and was packed in a box;

In 1929, a twist-top lip gloss container appeared, and modern lip gloss formulation and production began.

With the development of time, the twist cap transparent lip gloss tubes packaging has always been the mainstream.

Today let me recommend some style packaging that are popular with Lip Gloss Vendors.

lip gloss baseGlass lip gloss tubes

Minimalist style

The simple Lip Gloss Tubes Custom design style is to simplify the design scheme, and the fresh solid color lid is simple but not simple.《How Do You Start A Lip Gloss Line?》

lip gloss tubes15ml lip gloss tubeslip gloss tubesLip gloss tubes near me

3D stereo style

3D design Empty lip gloss tubes is an emerging design method that is more three-dimensional and visualized. If you like fashion, this is a good choice.

lip gloss wholesaleLip gloss tubes wholesalelip gloss vendorsLip gloss vendors in china

Retro Style

The retro-style texture and color make the Unique lip gloss tubes more textured, showing a classic, nostalgic and warm feeling.

Lip gloss vendors with custom labels

Custom lip gloss tubes

Choose these popular styles of lip gloss packaging, so that the brand and consumers will establish a strong emotional resonance. Adding your logo will be an important step in creating your own lip gloss brand.

lip glossLip gloss tubes custom

Why is the lip gloss brand logo so important?

1. A brand logo is a logo, a trademark, and an image mark of a company, just like an ID card or a face, everyone has it, but it is different. A good brand is easily remembered by consumers.

2. The LOGO on the lip gloss packaging can effectively provide users and consumers with the best recognizability, especially for the brand products of different companies, it is very important to professionalize their brand products.

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3. Excellent brand LOGO often has distinctive personality, visual impact, easy to identify, remember, guide, promote consumption, generate beautiful associations, and help to stand out among many products.
A LOGO design is the beginning of consumers’ recognition of a brand. Whether there is memory, interest, desire to consume, the first impression of the LOGO, the first feeling, and whether it is attractive often play a decisive role.

lip gloss tubesLip gloss label maker machine

If you still don’t have a logo suitable for your lip gloss brand, you can contact us at any time. We have a professional design team that can provide you with one-to-one free logo design services.

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