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70% of eyelashes in the world come from here!

70% Of Eyelashes In The World Come From Here!

Do you know where all the false eyelashes you like and use come from? Whether mink eyelashes or faux lashes etc, their source of production comes from a small town in China-Pingdu.

In fact, as early as the 1990s, the annual revenue of false Eyelash Vendors could reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they were exported to the world. According to conservative estimates, there are currently as many as 3000 companies producing false eyelashes in Pingdu. Factories and family workshops with an annual output value of hundreds of millions of yuan are densely distributed in Pingdu urban areas, towns and villages.

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In fact, at this time, beauty lovers all over the world have used false eyelashes for nearly 80 years.

In 1916, when David Griffith, the father of American cinema, was making the movie “Party Facing Differences”, he wanted actress Hina Owen’s eyelashes to show the effect of “comb her eyes like a fan”, so he asked his assistant to use fake stickers. The glue from the beard puts false eyelashes on Hina Owen.
Another actor of the film, Lillian Gish, later wrote: “In the morning, Hina Owen came to the studio, her eyes seemed to be blurred by her eyelashes. But in the lens, she was beautiful.”
By 1921, false eyelashes became popular in Hollywood circles. In the 1930s, false eyelashes became ubiquitous, black, brown, and gold.

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Women in eyelash manufacturers produce eyelashes, while women who love beauty in the world use Pingdu false eyelashes to modify their appearance. At the same time, those false eyelashes made by them are occasionally appearing on their eyelids. For these female workers, the eyelashes on their hands are a livelihood that makes them proud and a yearning for beauty.

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The release of aesthetics and PingDu challenge

In 2019, Shandong Pingdu City received a “hot stamping” business card from Alibaba-the origin of false eyelashes. From a little-known eyelash production and processing village to today’s global false eyelash production base, Pingdu took 20 years.

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But in fact, before false eyelashes became an industry, they also experienced a longer period of struggle for aesthetic rights.
In the European Middle Ages, under the oppression of church asceticism, women were forced to popularize the “pure” trend of cutting eyelashes, because the exuberance of hair was regarded as a symbol of erotic desire. As a result, the church also participated in forcing women to remove their eyelashes.
However, no matter how restrained the church is, people’s pursuit of long eyelashes still returns. In the late 19th century, there was even a very intense eyelid transplantation-transplanting hair onto the eyelid.
This kind of operation seems to be quite cruel nowadays. The original method of use was to use needles to sew natural hair into the eyelids without anesthesia. The painful process can be imagined.
Fortunately, the invention of false eyelashes later made it easier for women to decorate their eyes. Today, in all kinds of formal occasions and even ordinary work, it is very common for women to use false eyelashes.

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The development trend of eyelashes

According to the data collected by the image material website Pinterest, the number of searches for “eyelashes” in 2019 increased by 125% compared to 2018.
Now, as one of the professional Eyelash Vendors, we have been developing the latest popular fashion styles and styles. We hope to help more customers develop their own eyelashes business and make more people more beautiful and confident.

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