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Best selling 7D Mink lashes

7D Mink Lashes

7D Mink lashes are our hot-selling styles in response to the trend of 2020. They are cute and sexy. They look like bunches of roses. All girls who love beauty love it. Just a month’s time More than 20,000 pairs were sold.

7D Mink lashes

7D03 Mink Eyelashes You can see that this eyelashes are very curly and thick, and there are some messy feelings. It symbolizes freedom and unrestrained. It is very suitable for young girls to wear. They like this kind of carefree feeling.

7D Mink eyelash vendors7D Mink eyelash vendors

7D07 Mink lashes. These eyelashes pay attention to symmetry, and the degree of curvature is different, but they are staggered regularly. They look neat and generous, and are loved by successful women.

Mink eyelash vendors7D Lashes vendors

The overall curling of 7D26 Mink lash is very regular, like bunches of roses and small hearts interlaced together. It makes a heart attack. This eyelash is also our 7D style mink eyelashes with the highest sales, 90% of customers are like it.

Mink eyelash vendors7D Eyelash vendors usa

The peak season of eyelash business is coming, don’t hesitate, don’t be confused, seize the time to take action, Rolls lashes vendor will provide you with the best eyelash quality and after-sales service.With years of experience, we tell you that if you want to start the eyelash business, you can choose 7D Mink Eyelashes, which is a good choice! 

eyelash box vendorsEyelash box vendors

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