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Are Long Eyelashes More Attractive?

Are Long Eyelashes More Attractive?

If you can only put on one type of makeup, which part of yourself would you choose to beautify? A survey of women on the Internet shows that the majority of women choose to apply mascara. Recently, the August issue of the American “Psychology Today” magazine pointed out that long eyelashes make us have great magical power in interpersonal attraction, whether male or female.

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Interpersonal attraction is divided into three steps: attracting attention, showing advantages, and getting closer. And long eyelashes contribute to the flames in these three steps.

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Stationary eyes are difficult to express. People convey good feelings and send invitation signals, mainly relying on eye movement and eyelid opening and closing. The fluttering 3D Mink Lashes are like a pair of beautiful butterflies, making every subtle movement of the eye more distinct and expressive.

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Generally, men have a darker complexion, and the contrast between the facial features is not strong. Therefore, the strong color contrast on the face has become one of the characteristics of femininity. Set off by the long and thick 25mm Lashes, the white of the eyes appears lighter, giving people more gentle and delicate femininity. At the same time, the whiter eyes also represent youth and health.

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People are more or less wary of strangers, and the 3D mink eyelashes and 25mm eyelashes make the eyes appear bigger, so that the proportion of the face looks closer to the baby, not only appears safe and non-threatening, but also innocent and weak. People want to be close and protected.

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