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As a professional eyelash vendor, what products can we provide you

As a Professional Eyelash vendor, What Products Can We Provide You

As a professional Eyelash Vendors, rolls lashes has helped thousands of customers successfully develop their own eyelash business. Customers from the United States account for 80%. Let me introduce our products to you.

Wholesale Mink Lashes and Packaging

1. Wholesale Of High Quality Mink Lashes

Our wholesale mink eyelashes have 3D Mink Lashes 5D and 6D 25MM Mink Lashes.HANDMADE LASHES – Made of 100% real siberian mink . Vivid glamorous and shiny,soft & smooth, natural curved and lightweight.Our high-quality mink eyelashes can be used repeatedly 15-20 times with proper care.



22mm mink lashesEyelash Vendors Wholesale

2. Customized eyelash packaging box

We have a professional designer team and Eyelash Packaging production factory. There are more than 200 different styles of eyelash packaging for you to choose from, and provide free logo design services. We print your logo on the box you like, and the production time is only It takes 3-5 working days. The minimum order quantity is only 30. A good eyelash packaging box can not only protect your eyelashes, but also improve the grade of your eyelashes, which is conducive to sales.

Eyelash packagingCustom Eyelash Packaging

3. Eyelash tools

If you want your eyelash business to become professional and comprehensive, then you should need some eyelash tools to better help you develop your eyelash business.

1. Eyelash glue & eyeliner

our Eyelash glue & eyeliner is Gluten Free, Sulfate Free & BPA Free. Cruelty Free & Vegan, safe on skin, suitable even for sensitive eyes.Gets tacky in seconds, and dries invisible. More natural. Water and Sweat Proof.And we can print your logo on it for you to customize personal brand products.

Custom Eyelash Glue

2. Eyelash tweezers

We have 9 different colors of eyelash tweezers for you to choose. And we can provide you with logo printing services.High Quality: Made of durable and good quality stainless steel material.
Specially Designed: Unique new auxiliary clamp clips design, nip using humanized multi-functional design. Nip and hold false eyelashes well.
Easy and Clean: Made application and removal of false eyelashes easier, comfortable and clean.
Handy: Adjusting and fixing eyelashes becomes a whole lot easier.

LASH TOOLCustom Eyelash Tweezers


3. Eyelash brush

Our eyelash brush has 10 different colors can choose.SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: made of high quality material( nylon, plastic , flock),sturdy and durable, will not burning or stinging your delicate skin, nice to eyelid, no more worry that they would stimulate your sensitive skin.Order our products now and we can give you these beautiful eyelash brushes for free.

lash brushPink Eyelash Brush

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