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Best selling eyelash packaging boxes

Best selling eyelash packaging boxes

What is the best-selling Eyelash packaging in 2020? First we need to know the popular styles this year and then we need to know us The lash packaging that the service customer likes. Then we should choose several popular lash box. Finally, we have comprehensive The best-selling  Custom Lash Packaging  was selected.

Lash Packaging Vendors

1.Custom Lash acrylic Packaging

Most popular of Acrylic Eyelash Packaging case are be loved by many customers. The case thrust paper colors can be changed to suit different customer’s preferences.The hard Eyelash packing clear case is in good quality, not only can protect the lashes from damaging and durable. but also after you use the lashes, you can also use the case to put in other accesseries. Even don’t need to open the box you can see the inner lashes clearly and through the clear lid.

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Butterfly Lash Transparent Acrylic packaging eyelash cases customized

Custom Lash acrylic Packaging Vendors Wholesale eyelash boxes

2.Money lash box

Money lash box with a exaggerated eye symbol.We have money lash box in various color styles and various eye logos in different styles.

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Money lash box

3. Water curtain eyelash packaging

The Water Curtain Eyelash Packaging Box was designed by our designer Jackson after 2 months. Because it is very beautiful, it has received a lot of customers’ snap purchases as soon as it was released.

Water Curtain Eyelash Packaging Box

Water Curtain Eyelash Packaging Box

High-quality Mink Eyelashes must match with beautiful and unique Eyelash Packaging Box, only this it can be liked by customers and sell at a better price. Especially in this Internet age, it is easier to attract customers’ attention with the beautifully printed Custom Eyelash Packaging Box, which will drive the sales of eyelashes!

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