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Cartoon doll eyelashes packaging

Cartoon Doll Eyelashes Packaging

Do you like cartoon dolls? As a professional eyelash and Eyelash packaging vendor, we can add these cute dolls to the box you want for you. It is very fashionable and cute, and the girl’s heart is bursting.This is a new trending, who make this kind of box earlier, and make the cartoon picture more cute, she will get more loyal and fashion customers, of course she can make more money! Make up industry always seeking fashion and trending, new box, new logo designs means new trending! 

Snow White Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Rolls eyelashes can provide high-quality Eyelash packaging boxes, which are very suitable for full display of eyelashes. With our eyelash box, you don’t have to worry about broken or scratched eyelashes. We can customize various eyelash packaging styles, sizes, colors, etc. according to customer requirements. The cartoon doll eyelash packaging is one of the most popular eyelash packaging.

Ball head doll Lashes packaging box

Girls like cartoon doll Eyelash packaging very much. We can customize your own Bratz Doll custom eyelash case. Today’s eyelash boxes are not just to protect the eyelashes, they are also a good way to promote your own Lash brand. Because we have a professional design team, we can help you design a logo for free, such as Lash Bratz logo or Cartoon logo. Welcome to contact us for more information.

Bratz Doll Saaha Eyelash Packaging

In order for you to have more logo styles for you to choose from, our designers recommend the use of Yasmin Bratz dolls and Saaha Bratz dolls below. All of these are composed of Bratz Doll with mink eyelashes. You can choose your favorite one to customize your own Lash boxes design.

Bratz Doll Saaha

Yasmin Bratz

Yasmin Bratz

Bratz Doll Saaha

Bratz Doll Saaha

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