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Choose lash glue without allergic ingredients

Choose Lash Glue Without Allergic Ingredients

Due to the high chemical content, inferior Eyelash Glue on the market are also very cheap. Long-term use can damage the eyes and cause eye inflammation. The harsh chemicals contained in these low-quality wholesale eyelash glues can also cause premature aging of the eye area. Make your eyelashes dry, brittle or even thinner. Rolls lashes glue is produced according to the national cosmetics inspection quality requirements. In addition, our eyelash glue meets the relevant national standards, and we also have various product quality inspection certificates, so there will be no such problems, please rest assured. They are the best eyelash glue for sensitive eyes.

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Due to the long-term use of eyeliner on the eyelids, the mascara covers the skin for too long, and the skin is not breathable, which may cause eczema, redness and itching. This phenomenon is especially obvious in summer, because the glue is too sticky or too sticky. In addition, when wearing these eyelashes, too high viscosity may be applied or the glue may be too thick, which may also cause skin irritation.

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Eyelash glue will freeze in winter, so some effective measures must be taken to protect the eyeliner glue pen. Many buyers of eyelash glue will consult us after receiving the glue. Is the glue dry? In fact, when the temperature is below zero, the eyelash glue will freeze, but it will not freeze like ice. It is a dry structure that looks like cotton. Many people think that mink eyelash glue is dry, which is wrong, and many people do not understand this situation. Want to bond more firmly in winter, please do this!

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