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Customize Your Own Lash Books!

Customize Your Own Lash Books!

There are many sorts of eyelash books and lash kits. the foremost popular lash books in Eyelash Business are Custom Lash Books that would hold two pairs of mink lashes, three pairs of lashes, and 4 pairs of false lashes.

faux lashesCustomize Your Own Eyelash Books

Why Order Custom Lash Books?

Lashes, as daily necessities, are popular among women. If only sell lashes with single packaging, it’s going to a little boring. With personalized lash book packaging, it’s going to satisfy customers’ interest for various mink lashes. And buying two pairs of eyelash books will sell two pairs of eyelashes at an equivalent time, which can create greater profits for your lash business.

Eyelash packaging LashbooksCustom Eyelash Boxes

Minimum Order Quantity
The below picture shows the box and lashes books available. There are two sorts of lash book available. There are pink marble, silver glitter, plain pink and holographic 5-pair lash books, and blue glitter and holographic three-pair eyelash books. For these eyelash books, Rolls Lashes could ship them call at 2 days.

But for other lash kits and Eyelash Packaging, not shown in the above picture, the minimum order is 50, and any color is okay and will print your logo thereon. and typically it takes 12-15 days to manufacture.

Lash Packaging Vendor

How to Customize Your Own Lash Books

Decide what quite lash books and eyelash kits you would like to customize together with your logo.
Decide the within and doors color of the Lash Packaging.
Could choose a mirror inside and add ribbons if you would like.
lash kits and eyelash packaging

Eyelash packaging Lashbooks
Eyelash packaging Lash books
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