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Daily Work of Eyelash Vendors

Daily Work of Eyelash Vendors

Are you interested in what the Wholesale Lash Vendors do in a day? Or do you want to know how we work as an Eyelash Vendor? Can you imagine the job of your Vendors For Lashes?

Now let us tell you the answer

rolls lashesEyelash Vendors China

Processing eyelash orders

We will arrange design and production for today’s orders, and notify customers of the shipping tracking number for orders that have been shipped. All our orders will be produced and shipped according to your payment time.

Printed eyelashes order details

We printed your order list and shipped it to you together. You can check the style and number of mink eyelashes in this table. If you are interested in our order list, you can contact us. Our sales will provide you with eyelash catalogs and samples.

lash vendor listWholesale Lashes List

Pay attention to the unique needs of customers

Every customer has different requirements. Especially for Custom Eyelash Packaging, we need to repeatedly confirm with the customer the design content she wants. And the number corresponding to different eyelash styles. Ship to the correct delivery address. Therefore, we need to pay attention to all needs. This can help us ship the package correctly.

Send the order detail file to the warehouse

The warehouse staff will select, place, and Eyelash Packaging and Mink Eyelashes, and other products according to the order details. Please note that all your eyelash products will be checked again by our quality control staff before shipment. And we will reconfirm the order information with you.

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging BoxCreate Your Own Eyelash Packaging

Package delivery time

After confirming the order, our sales staff will discuss the shipping time with you. It usually takes about 3-4 working days to arrive in the United States. But please note that the production time and order processing time of the Lash Box will take about 4-6 working days. Therefore, in total, you will receive your product within 6-10 working days.
We need to check the quality of the eyelashes and the information of the eyelash box for you so that you can get a satisfactory product. It is worth the time to pay.

Custom eyelash packaging content

When we talk about Custom Eyelash Boxes, please send us your logo and brand name. I can also provide you with a free logo design. 《What is the process of Custom Eyelash Packaging?》

Our designer will design for you and give you a design drawing for you to confirm.
If you are not satisfied, we can modify them for you for free. Confirm the final eyelash case design.
After you are satisfied with the design, we will arrange production orders for you.

LASH LOGOSLash Box Design Logo

Eyelash product development and innovation

We will spend a lot of time developing new products.
From the perspective of eyelash manufacturers’ life growth and their own health, innovation is the enterprise’s nutrient solution. When the enterprise is extremely lacking innovative nutrition, the vitality of the enterprise will gradually weaken, and it will gradually age and terminate.

Mink Lash Extensions WholesaleWholesale Mink 3d Lashes

Innovation is an inexhaustible source of life power for eyelash suppliers. Because people’s pursuit of beauty is constantly evolving, the times are constantly evolving, and human needs are constantly changing. If an Eyelash Manufacturer cannot meet the needs of consumers and cannot keep up with the pace of the times, it will definitely start from the eyelash market Was destroyed and disappeared from the eyes of consumers. Only companies that know how to continuously innovate with the changes in the eyelash market can gain eternal life in the market.

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