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Diamond Eyelash Packaging Box

Diamond Eyelash Packaging Box

Our the most cost-effectiveCustom Eyelash Packaging & Eyelash Caseshave many styles,you can choice the case different thrust paper color, and we can provide private label for you, make your logo and brand name minimized Scale down,put it into the eyelight catching position, so the case is clear, easy to looking into, warmly welcomed by the customers.

Laser Diamond Eyelash Packaging

Diamond eyelash packaging is one of the most popular eyelash packaging, which makes people look high-end at a glance, making your eyelash brand more high-end. Make you sell them better.

Diamond Eyelash Packaging

In addition to the hard features of diamonds, there is the charming characteristics of the diamond. Combined with the clear and colorless characteristics of diamonds, we designed custom holografic diamond Eyelashbox and diamond cross section line,

Black marbling diamond Eyelashbox 

White diamond eyelash packaging

Diamonds sparkle because of their high refractive index and high dispersion. To achieve this effect, our creative team developed glitter diamond box, together with our own logo design for you, make your Eyelash packaging more unique, attractive, for the establishment of their own brand eyelash.

Pink glitter diamond eyelashes packaging

Gold glitter diamond lashes boxes

Glitter diamond lash box

Marbling diamond Eyelash box

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