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Different eyelash boxes and costs

Different eyelash boxes and costs

Acrylic eyelash box

$1 – $3

Custom Eyelash Packaging BoxWholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

Cardboard eyelash box

$1.5 – $5

Custom Eyelash Packaging BoxCustomize Your Own Eyelash Box

Paper eyelash box

$0.5 – $1.5

Eyelash packagingLash Packaging Vendor

Acrylic eyelash box is formed of high-quality raw materials with high transparency, like crystal.

The box is sturdy with a clean, high-end look. additionally, to the favored Butterfly Acrylic Boxes on the market,

we can also print flowers, grass, trees, portraits, etc. As long as you’ve got high-quality AI, PSD, PDF files,

we will immediately confirm with the designer and you’ll be ready to see the renderings and style drawings promptly after payment.

For accurate quotes, please contact us through WhatsApp

Mink lashes wholesale vendorsWholesale Lashes And Packaging

Cardboard Eyelash Box is formed of cardboard, light and powerful . Consumers like cardboard boxes

because, first of all, the materials are natural, pollution-free, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. Second, the feel is light and powerful ,

which enjoys low freight. Third, beautiful appearance, which promotes sales. Our customization isn’t simply printing Eyelash Logos,

but original ideas, designs, modifications, and drafts.

Therefore, our construction period is that the normal production cycle.

Create Your Own Eyelash PackagingCustom Eyelash Box

Professional buyers are cognizant that our cycle is three days if we print from boxes we’ve available .

Paper jam eyelash box is soft and may be folded generally , which may save space and freight,

and the price is additionally relatively cheap. it’s especially suitable for supermarkets and eyelash specialty stores,

with large volume and low price. Both wholesale and retail are very advantageous.

Mink Lash Extensions WholesaleWholesale Eyelash Packaging Box

What if the Eyelash Packing Box you received is broken or insufficient?

There are generally three reasons for the damage of eyelash box.
Extrusion within the process of transportation
Collision within the process of delivery
Unprofessional operation during customs inspection.

Customize Your Own Eyelash Box


First, please send all the photos and videos to our staff
and our sales team will send the materials to the after-sales team for identification.

If it’s damaged or lost within the transportation process, we’ll supplement the corresponding quantity and send it to you for free of charge within the next order.

Custom Eyelash Boxes ManufacturerCheap Eyelash Packaging

Second, if the quantity of loss is large or the entire container of products is broken
please take photos and video for us, and that we will submit it to the express company for a claim.

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