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Do you like the latest messy style mink lashes?

Do you like the latest messy style mink lashes?

Today, we will show you the new type of 5D eyelashes on the market. We call it the Messy Lashes style. If you want to update your eyelash style and attract more customers, please pay attention to us. You show all the details about messy mink eyelashes.

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1.What are messy eyelashes?

Messy lashes are a messy appearance, and mink fur is fluffy, perfect for smoky eyes. The structure of eyelashes is different from that of natural minks.
Most Eyelash Vendors do not have the technology to produce such eyelashes.

There are two kinds of messy mink eyelashes on the market:

1. workers make 3D effects by mistake.
They can’t control the 3D effect by themselves and don’t even know that this is a beautiful mistake.

2.designed by a famous eyelash designer.
The designer first designs, and then uses multi-layer effects to create 3D mink eyelashes to create a beautiful mink eyelash style, soft and fluffy.

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2.Why do more and more people choose messy eyelashes?

1. More and more people want to try new eyelashes.

Brand new eyelash styles, most mink eyelash suppliers cannot make this luxurious mink eyelash.

The process is very complicated. Further questions are welcome, please contact the eyelash supplier WhatsApp, we will show you all the details on how to make perfect messy mink eyelashes.

The process of producing messy mink eyelashes is different. Temperature and time are the two keys to making them in the eyelash factory.

2. Market feedback.

Our more and more American wholesale mink eyelash suppliers have found that we can produce the best fluffy and messy eyelashes to meet market demand. Therefore, we can design and produce the best fluffy mink for our customers so that they can open the market.《What are the customers who ordered rollslashes saying?》

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3. Why choose Rolls Lashes to make messy mink eyelashes?

1.We have the ability to design and produce for customers.
Most Eyelash Factories cannot design and produce messy mink eyelashes.

2.We have a strict quality control team to ensure the quality of eyelashes.

3. Higher cost.
This kind of eyelashes will waste more raw materials to achieve perfect results. But we did not increase the price of Wholesale Mink Lashes.

4. lightweight
As we said, we will use more raw materials to produce a fluffy and messy effect, so the weight is heavier than before, but we strictly control the weight to avoid eye fatigue.

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If you want to get professional orders and useful skills, please choose to contact us, we will help you open the local market.

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