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Eyelash Vendor Recommend Star Mink Lash Styles For You

Eyelash Vendor Recommend Star Mink Lash Styles For You

Rolls Lashe Manufacturer has a history of more than ten years and has become a part of the beauty industry. Rolls lashes was created to bring luxurious quality to everyday people at a very affordable Wholesale Mink Eyelash price. Starting from a small trading company with only 3 people, we have now developed into a large eyelash company. We have our own professional Lash factory.

Mink lashes wholesale vendorsEyelash Vendors

Now we sell our products to 82 countries/regions and it is still growing. We know that this is just the beginning. Let more and more customers realize their eyelash entrepreneurial dreams, which is what we have always wanted to do.

A good eyelash business requires some high-quality eyelash styles that are attractive enough to support. Below I recommend some popular star mink eyelashes.

mink lashesMink Lashes Wholesale

•16mm Lashes are of medium length and the entire length of the eyelashes is uniform. These super soft and luxurious 3D Mink eyelashes have good curling and filling properties, which brings some additional factors to them and helps to enlarge your eyes . The multi-layer design incorporates tufts of eyelashes, some of which are interlaced to obtain a smoother finish《How Much Do 3D Mink Lashes Cost?》

3D Mink Lashes Wholesale DW04

•DW08 interesting Lashes are curly, slender and fluffy, with curly mink hair and thinner eyelash bands for easier application and a comfortable fit. Highlighting sexy, smoldering and sultry eyes can accentuate round eyes and make them elongated to bring extra clarity and desired shape. Very fluffy, exuding an airy, whimsical atmosphere.

DW08 3D Mink Lash Vendors

•DW124 Lashes is ideal for day-to-night transitions. They are very suitable for daily work. These eyelashes are fluffy, soft, and very light. They are almost hard to feel when they are resting on natural eyelashes. All these eyelashes have a unique fan-shaped design, which not only makes them look smooth and luxurious, but also realistic and believable.

Vendor For DW124 Lashes 

•DC102 Wholesale Mink Lashes are ideal for bridal makeup, wedding makeup and daily use. They have a winged look and can stretch long round eyes, helping to open and brighten all eye shapes. These eyelashes have thinner eyelash bands, shorter inner corner eyelashes, and outer corner eyelashes are the longest. Striped mink eyelashes have a particularly natural and seamless appearance, which looks like the perfect eye coat in the world. It is likely to make people around you believe that these are your natural eyelashes.《What are 3D Mink Lashes?》

Wholesale DC102 Lashes

16MM lashes DW09 uses a unique, fluffy eyelash design, which is an interesting style because the eyelash clusters alternate between long and short. This will create a three-dimensional appearance while being light, fluffy and long. This makes it perfect for a bohemian look.《How To Measure And Trim Mink Eyelashes?》

DW09 Lash Vendor

•20mm DX11 Dramatic Lashes are tapered to the inner corner and doubled from the outer corner. They are full of volume and flawless, exuding a romantic and beautiful appearance, which is very suitable for bridal activities and daily wear. , Because it is subtle enough to attract people’s attention, in a sense, passers-by will not assume that you have made any mistakes. These illusions have created delicate wings with beveled hairs that are soft and elegant while maintaining a calm state.

20mm Mink Lashes DX11

•25mm Lashes may not be ideal for everyone-they are definitely styles that are in line with current trends, interesting and dramatic designs, and the eyelashes are longer and fuller. The edges face outward, but the lash band itself is full of hair tufts that alternate strongly between short and longer.

DY09 25mm Mink Lashes

This produces a certain dramatic and fascinating effect, which may not be ideal for individuals who want a more natural or convincing falsehood. These eyelashes are suitable for high fashion eyelash styles, so it is typical for those who like to stand out and be bold.

25MM LASHES25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale DY01


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