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Eyelash Vendor teach you how to maintain your customers

Eyelash Vendor Teach You How to Maintain Your Customers

With the development of the eyelash industry, the pressure of competition is increasing. Many Wholesale Lash Vendors who have just started the eyelash business are committed to how to better retain their customers.

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Rolls Lashes is a Mink Eyelash Wholesaler and Eyelash Box Vendor with more than ten years of experience. Hundreds of new and old customers come to us every day to place orders. We have rich experience in maintaining customer positions for your reference.

1. Why maintain repeat customers?

If you have been in the eyelash business for a long time, you must know that maintaining old customers is more important. The effort and time it takes to develop a new customer is to maintain ten old customers, and the benefits of new customers are not higher than those of old customers. On the contrary, because they often maintain the relationship with old customers, old customers are more likely to trust you. Easier to bring you benefits.

The development of a good eyelash business is the continuous development of new customers, and the survival is the continuous maintenance of old customers.

1. Repeat customers are the basis for the survival of eyelash companies

For companies to survive stably, repeat customers are the most important part. The investment in developing a new customer is usually several times that of maintaining an old customer. For repeat customers, they know more about our 3D mink Lashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes.《Custom Eyelash Packaging What are the advantages?》

When you While developing three new customers, you lost three old customers. It seems that your performance has increased, but in terms of cost, you actually lost several times.

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2. Repeat customers save time and cost for the company

The survival and development of Eyelash Vendors and retailers is to continuously create profits, but also to control costs. Time cost is a very important one. Unlike the distrust of new customers, old customers will not repeatedly Confirm all kinds of product information again and again, and will not hesitate to place an order.

No need to say anything. Old customers will directly ask you to place an order when they need it. Therefore, under the condition of creating the same profit, the old customer It will save the company a lot of time and cost.

3. Repeating customers is also a way to develop new customers

Many people think that old customer are just old customers, but they did not consider that these customers have an Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA industry circle. When the old customers think that your product is good, they think that the cooperation with you is also very good, he is very good. It is possible to introduce to his friends.

Many customers are not developing alone. They often discuss the nearby Best Eyelash Vendor. If you grab the heart of an old customer, you are likely to grab more new customers.

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2. So How to maintain repeat customers?

1. Actively communicate, don’t passively consult

As an Lash Vendor and eyelash retailer, many times customers not only need 25mm lashes, but customers generally also need 3D Mink Lashes and Different Eyelash Packaging and Tools, so you have room to play, and you don’t have to wait for customers to consult one by one, take the initiative Introduce the products you can make, increase the trust between you and the customer, and at the same time stimulate his desire to place an order.

2. Be patient when consulting customers

Have you ever encountered the kind of repeated requests for proofing? Many Mink Lash Vendors will find it very annoying when they encounter customers who repeatedly modify the proofing. If they are in a bad mood, they will be left out, and you will lose a customer.

In fact, think about it carefully, the customer just wants to choose the style of mink eyelashes that suits them, and you lost such a customer who is very likely to place an order because of your lack of patience. Don’t you think it’s a waste?

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3. Keep in touch with customers

Throughout the ordering cooperation, as well as in normal life, as Lash Vendor and sellers, we have to communicate with customers frequently. In the process of ordering cooperation, maintaining regular contact with customers is very helpful for customers to understand Use experience and ideas to make customers trust you more.

In ordinary life, frequent contact with customers will better increase the relationship between you, so that customers can more easily consider their relationship with you when they have needs.

4. Have a set of efficient customer management methods

Our energy is limited. When there are more customers, it will become chaotic. In many cases, our attitude towards customers will be favored. How to take care of customers’ feelings to the greatest extent requires a scientific and effective management method. This is Personal experience too.

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