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Halloween eyelash packaging box

Halloween eyelash packaging box

Halloween is coming soon, whether you are starting the eyelash business or engaged in the industry, some important holidays are a good time to sell. As a professional Eyelash packaging vendor, Rolls lashes can provide you with a variety of eyelashes about Halloween Packaging. These style boxes can be printed with your private label eyelashes. The minimum order quantity is 30pcs, which can be completed within 5-7 days.

Let’s take a look at these Halloween eyelash packaging.

Pumpkin lash boxes

Pumpkin lash packaging 

we have professional design team and we can Free help you design you want logo on box and let you check after receive your order payment,and we will start produce them after you agreed design.

Halloween eyelash packaging box

Halloween eyelash packaging

To celebrate the advent of Halloween, children will dress up as cute ghosts and knock on doors from house to house, asking for candy, otherwise they will trick or treat. At the same time, it is said that on this night, various ghosts and monsters will dress up as children and mix into the crowd to celebrate the coming of Halloween, and humans will dress up as various ghosts in order to make the ghosts more harmonious. Therefore, we choose Halloween Eyelash packaging to be able to integrate into this holiday.

Lash boxesLash packaging boxes

Custom lash box as a packaging part of lash line, its very important! Beautiful lash box can take great help to you lash business, some time even more important than eyelash itself!

Eyelash packaging wholesaleEyelash box vendors

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