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How do choose the style of human hair bundles?

How do choose the style of human hair bundles?

Rolls hair high-quality Virgin Hair Vendors, all hair bundles are processed in the same direction, thus maintaining the original characteristics of Remy human hair, no tangles and will not fall off during wearing.

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All the hair is smooth and sewn into double-weft Remy hair bundles through two side machines to maintain strength. No harmful chemicals are added during the entire production process, and the clothes are soft and healthy. The human hair strands made from the Best Wholesale Hair Vendors will have a long life.

Straight Bundle

straight human hair bundle is 100% Virgin Hair, which is cut directly from the same donor’s head without any treatment.

It retains all the advantages of the original Virgin Hair. The hair is smooth, soft, easy to install, and easy to maintain. Whether you want to wear charming long straight hair strands or short blunt short straight hair, you will get the most fashionable hairstyle.

《Why Choose Beimimr Lashes Hair Bundles?》

HAIR BUNDLESWholesale hair bundles

Body Wave

If you don’t know how to choose the style of Human Hair Bundles, we suggest you try to use body wave for weaving. body wave Human Hair is recognized as the most popular 10 kinds of human primitive hair bundles. It has a large “S” shape on the entire hair.

curl feels like a huge wave of the sea, big and charming. Imagine that you are wearing a human hair bundle with big waves on the beach, and your long hair will fly upward with the wind. What an attractive image this will be. Moreover, the body wave stitched in bunches has strong plasticity. If you feel that you don’t like the shape it shows, you can set your hair style to any other popular human hair style you like.

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Curly Wave

Curly human hair tress is a kind of sexy human hair tress. Women like this texture because of the sexy shape and tight curly hair with a natural sheen.

Curly human hair Brazilian hair strands have a fuller look than straight hair and body waves. This is the best choice for women who want to show fuller hair and a gorgeous personality​​.


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