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How much are real mink lashes?

How Much are Real Mink Lashes?

1. Why choose Real Mink Lashes?

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It is very simple and obvious that we can judge that mink eyelashes have incomparable advantages over eyelashes made of other raw materials. It is also obvious that these advantages are the reason why we chose it.
In order for everyone to have a more intuitive and simple understanding of the advantages of Wholesale Mink Lashes, I have listed the following points:

1. The structure of hair components

The composition structure of mink hair is relatively close to that of human hair, and the wearing feeling is more suitable for the human body, and it is more comfortable and natural.

2. Retention of natural hair tips

Mink hair uses animal hair that falls off naturally. Each hair retains its natural tip (or Mao Feng) to ensure its integrity and naturalness, and make the eyelashes look more real as a whole.

3. Highly rollable

Mink hair is different from general chemical fiber materials. Although these are usually used as raw materials for eyelashes, their curling degree and plasticity are not so good. If the eyelashes are not very curled, they will not look so natural. But mink Mao can make up for this and can be more curly and more natural.

4. Glossy hair

The luster of natural hair is beyond the reach of chemical synthetic materials. Because the eyes are the most spiritual five senses, and the eyelashes are the soul of the eye, it is important that the eyelashes look real and natural.

The above points are the reasons why some Lash Manufacturers choose mink hair as the raw material of eyelashes, but usually, the cost of mink hair is higher and the production process is more complicated, so high-end mink eyelashes are more expensive than similar eyelashes.

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How to Distinguish Real Mink Eyelashes?

1. It is to look at the color, which may require some experience
2. Look at the layering presented by the volume (the super neat must be the chemical fiber eyelashes made by the machine)
3. The easiest way is to burn with fire. You can try to pull out one hair first. The hair will stop burning if it is burnt. The same is true for handmade mink! But other eyelashes will keep burning and taste different. ! There is a smell of plastic.

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The Price of  Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors

Mink Lash Vendors are more expensive than other Eyelash Vendors because of the materials and hand-made craftsmanship.

If you want to choose high-quality mink eyelashes, then the Wholesale Mink Eyelashes price needs at least 3-5$
The price varies according to the length of the eyelashes. 25mm lashes are 20% higher than the price of 3D mink lashes.
According to the discounts of different Lash Vendors, different wholesale quantities will also receive different discounts.

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