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How to choose cost-effective eyelash sample packs

How to choose cost-effective eyelash sample packs

Rolls Lashes is an impressive Lashes Vendorwe all know that updating may be a necessary way for the continual evolution and optimization of our products. We also are constantly changing and improving. We update Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging in time to satisfy the requirements of our customers and products. in order that customers get good products, and that we get good customer feedback!

FAUX LASHES SAMPLEEyelash Vendors Wholesale

1.Magnet Eyelashes, Eyeliner Set
The first is new products, Magnet Eyelashes, Eyeliner sets! It includes 5 pairs of various sorts of magnet eyelashes, 2 Eyeliner pens, 1 rose gold tweezers! and therefore the price of this set is extremely good, it only costs 14.99 $! Maybe you’ll buy a suit like this with one less meal from KFC! After you place the order successfully, the order is going to be sent out by our Amazon warehouse within ustherefore the transportation time is extremely fast!

Magnetic eyelashes

2.4 Pair Eyelash Book Set
This is a suit that will hold 4 pairs of eyelashes! It includes four best-selling eyelash styles, a special draw box printed with pink butterflies, and 4 beautiful eyelash brushes! the worth is additionally very surprising, only 9.9 $! AMAZING! and therefore the freight is free! Buy it!

faux lashesEyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

3.16 Pairs Eyelashes Book Set
Many customers will ask if we have an eyelash book, now we’ve it, and therefore the price is nineteen 19.9 $! This includes 16 pairs of best-selling eyelashes and a specially tailored butterfly book! The freight is free! And this eyelash book features a big transparent window, which is sort of a transparent window displaying your eyelashes!

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