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How to choose eyelash band?

How to choose eyelash band ?

Rolls Lashes is one of the professional Eyelash Vendors There are usually three sorts of eyelash straps on the market: black plastic, transparent glue, and special cotton thread.

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1: Hard band: this difficult lash band may cause eye discomfort. it’s made from black plastic and is additionally called a plastic band. But many of us love it. The makeup remover won’t penetrate into the stems and it’s easy to washthere’s basically no problem in reusing it 10 times.

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2:Clear Band: it’s made from transparent plastic, the color is transparent, and it’s basically invisible when attached to the eyes. Compared with black plastic, plastic is best than black plastic, softer, more elastic, more natural, and more supportive

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3:Soft belt: usually made from a cotton thread with thin tape and soft thread. Therefore, employing a soft eyelash band will make your eyes feel very comfortable and expand your eyes naturally, and every one of our eyelash bands is made from special cotton thread, soft and not easily broken, so our eyelashes are often reused 20-25 times

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