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How to Choose Eyelash Vendors China?

How to Choose Eyelash Vendors China?

At present, 70% of Eyelashes from all over the world are from China Lashes,including 25mm 3D Lashes, striped mink eyelashes, silk eyelashes, etc.

If you want to start your own eyelash business, you need to choose a Mink Eyelash Vendors China. You will get the most popular High-quality Wholesale Mink Lashes. There is also a good Wholesale Lashes price.

Wholesale Mink LashesMink Eyelash Wholesale Vendors

1.Long-term cooperation and short-term cooperation

Eyelash buyers choose Eyelash Vendors to establish strategic partnerships, control the risk of the relationship between the two parties, and develop a dynamic supplier evaluation system are several issues that everyone is generally concerned about.

As the proportion of purchases in sales revenue continues to grow, choosing the right eyelash supplier has gradually become a key factor in determining the success or failure of the eyelash business.

As the basis and prerequisite for the normal operation of the supply chain, the evaluation and selection of suppliers is becoming the hottest topic of Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Usa.

There are many criteria for choosing Lash Vendors which are divided according to the length of time, which can be divided into short-term standards and long-term standards.

When determining the criteria for selecting suppliers, we must consider short-term criteria and long-term criteria. Combining the two can make the selected criteria more comprehensive, and then use the criteria to evaluate suppliers, and finally find the ideal Mink Eyelash Vendors.

Mink lashes wholesale vendors25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale

•Short-term standards

The short-term criteria for selecting suppliers are mainly: 3D mink Eyelashes and Eyelashes Packaging are of appropriate quality, moderate price level, prompt delivery and good overall service level.

•Appropriate product quality

The quality of mink eyelashes and eyelash boxes is the first consideration. For eyelashes of poor quality and low price, although the purchase cost is low, it will lead to an increase in the total cost of the company. Because products of substandard quality are often difficult to sell and customer feedback is poor in the process of enterprise sales, these will eventually be reflected in the total cost.

Right cost

Cost includes not only the purchase price, but also our personal time cost and all expenses incurred during the sales process. The purchase price is an important condition for choosing Wholesale Mink Lashes. But the supplier with the lowest price is not necessarily the most suitable, because if the quality of eyelashes and delivery time are not up to the requirements, the total cost will increase.

Some eyelash suppliers will give you a very low unit price, but they will charge you too much shipping, so don’t be fooled by the low Mink Lashes Vendor unit price.

《Why Do Customers Still Like To Use Mink Eyelashes Though Expensive?》

Deliver on time

Whether Best Eyelash Vendor can organize the supply according to the agreed delivery period and delivery conditions directly affects whether you can carry out your eyelash business as you expect, so the delivery time is also a factor to consider when choosing China Eyelashes vendors one.

Good overall service level

The overall service level of Lash Vendor refers to the ability and attitude of the supplier’s internal operations to cooperate with the buyer.

If the purchaser does not know how to use the purchased eyelashes and eyelash packaging, the supplier has the responsibility to train the purchaser on the sales and promotion experience of the sold eyelashes.

The supplier’s pre-sale and post-sale training work will also greatly affect the purchaser’s choice of suppliers.

1. Free design service.
2. Update order information service in time
3.Share the latest eyelash business trends
4.Perfect after-sales service

Mink lashes wholesale vendorsWholesale Vendors For Mink Lashes

Long-term standard

The long-term criteria for choosing Wholesale Eyelash Vendors are mainly to assess whether the supplier can guarantee a long-term and stable supply, whether its production capacity can be relatively expanded in line with the company’s growth, whether the future development direction of its 25mm 3D Lashes can meet the company’s needs, and Is there a willingness to cooperate for a long time?

The long-term criteria for selecting suppliers mainly consider the following 4 aspects:

1.Is the internal organization of the eyelash supplier complete?

The supplier’s internal organization and management are related to the supplier’s supply efficiency and service quality in the future. If the supplier’s organizational structure is chaotic, the efficiency and quality of procurement will be reduced, and even the poor cooperation between the supplier’s departments will result in the inability to complete the supply activities in a timely and high-quality manner.

2.Is the Eyelash Vendors Wholesale quality management system sound?

When a purchaser evaluates whether the supplier meets the requirements, one of the important aspects is to see whether Mink Eyelash Vendors adopts the corresponding quality system, whether the quality and management, for example, pass the IS09000 quality system certification, and whether the internal staff comply with the quality system.

Complete various tasks without compromise, and whether the quality level meets the requirements of the internationally recognized IS09000.

3. Does the supplier’s internal machine have a talent pool and advanced production lines?

From the supplier’s designer team, as well as the production standards of the production staff and the hygienic condition of the eyelash maker, we can see how much the manager attaches to the quality of the product. If these do not meet the standards, it is difficult to imagine that the company can produce qualified products.

4.Whether the supplier’s financial status is stable?

The financial status of Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors directly affects the performance of its delivery and contract performance. If the supplier’s financial problems and turnover are not effective, it will affect the supply and affect the production of the enterprise, and even a serious crisis of shutdown.

Eyelash packaging box suppliersWholesale 3d Mink Lashes Vendors

2.What is the first thing to do when choosing an Eyelash Supplier?

•Confirm the  Lash Vendors List 

You can select some suppliers through Google and IG and create your own Eyelash Vendors List.

List evaluation indicators and determine weights

The criteria for selecting suppliers have been discussed in detail above. In the short-term criteria and the long-term criteria, the importance of each evaluation index is different for different companies.

Identify Chinese eyelash suppliers

After comprehensively considering many important factors, we can give each supplier a comprehensive score and select qualified Mink Eyelash Vendors China.

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