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How to Custom Your Own Lip Gloss?

How to Custom Your Own Lip Gloss?

1. Wholesale production process of lip gloss

how to make lip glossHow to make lip gloss

1st prepare the documents before our designer designs the Lip Gloss for you.
Before designing, we’d like high-quality logos, brand names, fonts, patterns, slogans.

2st is customized lip gloss together with your logo and every one information
After payment, we’ll arrange design work for my professional designer, and our designer will design your photos in AI PSD or PNG format.
We will provide you with professional effect photos and sketches to see the effect of your eyelash packaging within 24 hours.

lip gloss baseRolls Lashes Lip gloss vendors

3st modify your custom lip gloss
You can mean each item that we should always modify at any time, then tell your staff , they’re going to tell our designer to try to to everything for you, and show you the updated design lip gloss again.

4st confirmed lip gloss design
Once our client has confirmed the planning of the work, we’ll produce and print the brand and name on the lip gloss for you after obtaining permission.

lip gloss containersLip gloss wholesale

2. The assembly cycle of customized lip gloss

All the ointment available, if you would like to form a custom ointment with a logo, we only got to use a 3D printer to draw your logo and pattern on the surface of the ointment, then placed it on the slogan,
So it’ll take little or no time to finish the work, and it’ll take about 3 working days, thereby improving work efficiency.

lip gloss tubesLip gloss tubes

3.Free lip gloss design

If you select us as a vendors of lip gloss, all our design work is free, and everyone designs are free. why?
First, we’ve our own design team
Our design team are all skilled workers, they will easily design what you would like during a limited time.
As you recognize, time is money. Some wholesalers Lip Gloss don’t have their own designers and that they cannot provide this service.
Save time for the second time

lip gloss tubes with brushLip gloss set

If we don’t provide this service, then our customers will take an extended time to finish the planning work.
fourth, the way to design professional custom lip gloss?
We have published many blogs to debate these issues and tell our customers to form professional custom lip gloss.

wholesale lip gloss baseClear lip gloss

First, make your logo.
This is the essential content of your mink eyelashes business, and it’ll make it discernible in lip gloss.
Second, confirm that the color you would like matches your logo.

If you are interested in starting your own lip gloss business within 100$, please feel free to contact us

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