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How to get better customized whip packaging box?

How To Get Better Customized Whip Packaging Box?

Eyelash Packaging plays an important role in the process of eyelash sales. Lash Packaging can not only protect eyelashes from damage, but also increase product value, promote sales, and at the same time spread brand value to win more customers and markets. More and more customers choose to buy our customized eyelash packaging and customize their own eyelashes, but where and how to get cheaper and better Custom Eyelash Packaging?

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We have been committed to brand packaging and sales, and provide integrated packaging and processing marketing plans for small and medium-sized eyelash companies in the United States. We also provide OEM and ODM services to help thousands of small and medium enterprises develop their own businesses every year.《How To Get A Free Lash Logo Desgin For Eyelash Packaging ?》

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Our production factory is a standard modern Eyelash Packaging Box factory with the most advanced 3D printers, UV printers and printing machines in the world. Our quality and production capacity are at the world’s leading level. Our factory has a design team, a quality inspection team, a production team of 60 people and 3 automated production lines.

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Our usual Lash Box printing your logo production cycle is 2 to 3 working days, if you need to completely customize a different box, it takes 10 working days, faster than any other eyelash box factory.
The length of the production cycle is caused by differences in processes and materials, such as printing time, material preparation and production time.

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We have many choices of eyelash packaging boxes, rectangular, square, round, paper card boxes, etc. The prices are also different. You can contact us to choose a custom eyelash packaging box that suits you.

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