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How to maintain mink lashes and use it repeatedly for 20 times?

How to maintain mink lashes and use it repeatedly for 20 times?

Rolls lashes Lashes vendor uses Siberian mink mink hair to make eyelashes. The high-quality mink eyelashes are properly maintained and can be used more than 20 times. The original curling degree and shape of the eyelashes can still be maintained without the phenomenon of hair loss. .The following are some simple tips for care.We try our best to discover the latest fashion trends and make mink eyelashes a way of life.

7D Mink lashes

1. When not in use, please put the eyelashes in the eyelash packaging box to avoid dust pollution to the mink eyelashes and keep the eyelashes in good shape.

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Lashes box and 25mm mink lashes

2. If you need to clean the eyelashes, please use oil-free makeup remover to clean it,Dab and twirl the affected areas. You can also re-curl your lashes if needed.

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3. Regularly clean the glue on the lash band. After using it for 3-5 times, please use a cotton swab to add a small amount of makeup remover to clean the remaining glue on the lash band to maintain the toughness of the lash band

Eyelash packagingMink lashes vendor

4. When wearing and removing the eyelashes, you can use professional tools, the technique is gentle and can protect the eyelashes from damage.

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