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How to make your favorite eyelash packaging

How to make your favorite eyelash packaging

Custom Lash CasesMake Your Own Eyelash Box

It would be best to sell the right eyelashes with impressive outer Lash Packaging to your buyers. an honest company not only supplies good quality eyelashes. But they also provide Custom Eyelash Boxes to their consumers. the right lashes boxes can always play an important role in attracting customers, aren’t they?

1 top quality from top to finish

2 Affordable price

3 Creative design

4 Excellent after-sale service

pull out Custom Eyelash Packaging BoxEyelash Packaging Box Suppliers

Above are the essential requirements of an honest Lash Supplier. If you think that they’re not tempting enough, please continue reading.

You can enjoyment those from Rolls Lashes:

Leading Tech

High-end Equipment

Strict internal control

Unique Customization Services

Free Logo Design

Eyelash VendorEyelash Box Company

Now, we back to the theme: the way to create custom eyelashes packaging?

6 steps to make custom lashes boxes:

1.Choose lashes box’s shape

There are various Lashes Boxes. for instance, rectangle cases, round cases, diamond shape lashes boxes, square lashes cases, etc.

You can ask your lash vendor to send you the box shape photos to verify which shape you’re curious about.

Create Your Own Eyelash PackagingDesign Your Own Eyelash Packaging

2.Choose the lashes boxes of color.

You can choose the box’s color to match your logo’s color. they will keep an equivalent style on the outer packages. But you furthermore may choose the logo’s one color, to be your box’s color. Also, you’ll choose whole photos to be your Custom Lashes Packaging. It’s up to you.

3.Brand name

When we get the new lashes, you see the name on the packages. Through the name, the purchasers will have the primary impression of your brand and your lashes company.

It would be best if you chose easy and readable words to call your lashes business.

Custom eyelash boxes manufacturerEyelash Packaging Design

4.Eyelashes business’s logo

The excellent and unique logo makes your consumers remember your brand. for instance, you’ll choose a round logo, geometric shapes, and therefore the eye’s shape logo. to reinforce your brand value and brand awareness.

5.Your lashes brand slogan

The slogan can show your business soul to your clients. The unique slogan can attract your potential client’s attention to you.

A good slogan should be readable, simple, engaging, and imaginative. Like, “same soul New Look,” you’ll Google to urge more ideas about your lashes business slogan.

Mink lashes wholesale vendorsCustom Packaging For Eyelashes

6.Social media info

Did your lash vendor provide you with a warning to print your social media information, contact number on the boxes? consistent with what I got from the news, some Eyelash Box Vendors won’t remind you of the knowledge disclosures. But, if you have already got printed your information, we definitely recommend adding on the Eyelash Packaging.

It not only gets differently to enhance your brand awareness, but you’ll also get free advertising and more potential consumers. So, why not?

Only the words can’t show you our products is sweet or not. We constantly invite you to go to us, we will drink a beer!

We have a typical modern factory. we’ve the foremost advanced 3D printer to make your Lashes Packaging.

3d Siberian Mink Lashes WholesaleLash Box Ideas

There are 9 steps of the assembly process you would like to know:

Eyelashes boxes design. Our design team designs styles, colors, and logo positions. consistent with the customers’ requirements.
Production die plate: the detailed process time depend upon which shape of boxes you would like. But it almost takes half to at least one day to custom.
Printing boxes’ cover: the color and letters can’t make it easy to fade by choosing us. We use the highest printer to make your Custom Lashes Boxes.

Add thin film on the eyelashes boxes: they’re two different films. One may be a light, thin film. the opposite may be a dark membrane. Some vendors don’t use membranes on the boxes to save lots of production costs. you’ll contact our salesmen, who can send you an easy thanks to checking whether your package may be a membrane or not.

Eyelash Wholesale Near MeLash Boxes Wholesale

Foil-stamping tech: this tech can make your logo and name more attractive within the light. you’ll contact us to urge a comparison photo with foil-stamping and regular print.
The produce of inner boxes. Did you recognize different eyelashes drags to suit the various length of eyelashes? Also, the dimensions of eyelashes drag decided the dimensions of the box. So, there are large and little inner boxes which will fit the various length of eyelashes.

Adhesive produce: this manner can make boxes firmly after done.
Cleaning: our workers use alcohol or water to get rid of the dust and disinfect.
Total packaging. Sealed with tape within the outer layer. Then choose the high-quality and anti-extrusion express box.
Different materials, shapes, produce process takes to different production time.

Wholesale Mink Lashes VendorsCheap Eyelash Packaging Box

Our production time will take about 5-12 working days after getting your confirmation. But we would like to save lots of production time. we’ve pre-prepared an outsized number of boxes available. All they’re popular styles within the eyelashes market. you’ll choose the boxes from our inventory. Then we will print your logo, name, and social information asap.

It would be best if you cared about the eyelash box prices.

We offer FREE design eyelash boxes. And set low MOQ for little and medium entrepreneurs.

For example, acrylic eyelash box $1-$3, hard paper eyelash boxes $1.1-$3.1, light paper eyelash boxes from $0.49-$1.59. , hard paper boxes are made from cardboard, light, and firmly. Most customers like cardboard boxes. Because the materials are natural, pollution-free, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. The hard paper eyelash box with a gorgeous appearance, which may promote sales.

Eyelash packagingEyelash Cases

If you’ve got high-quality AI, PDS, PDF files. we will confirm with the designer about printed on the Acrylic Eyelash Cases. you’ll see the renderings and style drawings after payment.

The light paper eyelash box is soft and may fold generally, saving shipping cost and space. and therefore the price is less than others. Paper jam eyelash boxes are hottest in supermarkets and eyelash stores.

Custom Eyelash Packaging BoxCustom Lash Cases

Don’t wait, don’t lose your money! Contact us via WhatsApp. we’ll calculate your order immediately at affordable prices.

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