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How to reuse your mink eyelashes more times?

How To Reuse Your Mink Eyelashes More Times?

First, you need to buy a customized Eyelash Packaging box to protect your eyelashes. The eyelash box can prevent your eyelashes from directly contacting the outside air and being contaminated by dust, and maintain a good curl. And it will be easier to use and store.

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Second, when wearing eyelashes, do not remove eyelashes directly with your hands. You should use professional eyelash tweezers to remove the eyelashes from the box, and then gently apply appropriate glue, and then wear it on the eyes. When you take off your eyelashes after the event, you also need to put the eyelashes in the eyelash package. After using for a period of time, you need to wash your eyelashes to remove the glue remaining on the lash band, which will make your eyelashes live longer.

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It is very important to choose high-quality handmade Mink Eyelashes. The quality of Siberian mink hair is the best and the most beautiful.You can also tell your partners and customers these good methods, they will think you are very professional and want to do business with you.Mink 3D mink lashes is made of 100% real siberian mink hair shedding from young mink ,which is totally cruelty free product.
Mink lashes Can be used for many times if the eyelashes are used and removed properly ,Easy to remove by eye makeup remover or tools .
Light and comfortable:the hair is super soft hair ,light as air and comfortable ,luxury looking will make all eyes on you.

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