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How to take care of mink lashes?

How to take care of mink lashes?

Rolls lashes is a high-quality mink Eyelash Vendors and Eyelash Packaging Vendors, wholesale 16MM/20MM/22MM/25MM mink lashes.

Our Mink Eyelashes are hand-made using Siberian mink hair, which can be reused 20-25 times if you use them properly, ordinary mink eyelashes can only be used 10-15 times, synthetic false eyelashes usually only provide about 3 -8 times.


The cotton band on our striped eyelashes is softer, stronger, comfortable to wear and more durable than other cotton bands. The number of repeated uses of a pair of band eyelashes depends entirely on the material. Treating errors will also affect their duration

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Here are the four tips we found to help them stay new every time:

1. Gently remove eyelashes

Instead of just ripping your lashes off at the end of the day (so easy, I see), first run a cotton swab soaked with makeup remover over the bands.If you tear the cotton tape with force every time it will deform.(Trust me,if you did it oftenly,your eyelids will also cause wrinkles )

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2. Use professional tools

Use eyelash tweezers to pull off excess glue buildup along the band to keep them clean.

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3.Soak Make up Remover

You can drop your mink lashes in a bowl of makeup remover to really get them clean. Leaving them for an hour will help dissolve excess glue and makeup so they’re fresh and ready for reused.

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4. Put it in the eyelash box after use

After using the mink eyelashes, store the mink eyelashes in the eyelash box to prevent the eyelashes from deforming and entering dust.

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