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I don’t have plastic surgery, I just wear mink lashes

I Don’t Have Plastic Surgery, I Just Wear Mink Lashes

A few days ago, I had a meeting with my high school classmates. Many people have not seen each other for many years, and there have been some big changes. Especially boys, handsome guys of quite a few years, all become middle-aged chubby lol…

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Yesterday, a female classmate who had not contacted me for many years sent me a message mysteriously. What??? She actually thought I had a plastic surgery. She felt that I had a natural surgery. There was no big change in appearance, but just became beautiful. Want me to introduce her to plastic surgery! ! !

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I’m very confused, I want to say I haven’t had plastic surgery. But, as if she didn’t believe it too much, she ignored me a little angrily!

I was confused, and found out the high school photos and compared them.

Well, the result is that my change comes from wearing eyelashes + learning makeup.

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Finally, in order to prove that I did not have plastic surgery, I told her that what she thinks was plastic surgery, I just wore mink eyelashes. As a result, she threw a lot of questions. Okay, I just sorted it out and sent it to the sisters in need. Let’s watch it together.

《What Are The Good Cheap Mink Lashes?》

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Q1: How many times can mink eyelashes be used?
Usually high-quality mink eyelashes can be used 20-25 times. After use, gently remove the eyelashes with tweezers and store them in the eyelash box to prevent dust from entering. After using 2-3 times, you need to remove the residue on the eyelash band Of glue to keep the eyelashes comfortable.

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Q2: How to apply eye makeup after wearing eyelashes?
Eye shadow can be painted as usual, eyeliner can be omitted.
In fact, it does not affect the eye makeup after the eyelashes are applied, just continue the original makeup habits. But because the eyelashes will become very thick after receiving the eyelashes, there is an invisible eyeliner effect, so you can save the step of the inner eyeliner, so that the subsequent cleaning will be relatively simple.

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Q3: How to remove makeup so as not to damage the attached eyelashes?
Just choose makeup remover.
The oil has a small molecule and is easy to dissolve the glue on the eyelashes, causing the eyelashes to fall off prematurely. If you choose makeup remover, you will not worry about it. But it should be noted that when removing it, apply it first, and then wipe it off in the same direction. Remember not to rub it back and forth, so that you can easily remove the eye makeup without fear of damaging the eyelashes.

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Q4: Where can I buy cost-effective mink eyelashes?
You can contact major Mink Eyelash Vendors to get the best Wholesale Mink Eyelash prices.
I have been using mink eyelashes for seven or eight years, and it would not be suitable if I don’t use them now. Eyelash extensions will really make the eyes look bright. The eyelashes are natural, slender, curled and distinct. You can really sleep for half an hour every morning. Even if you don’t rush to make-up and have long eyelashes, Not too awkward.

《Dramatic 25mm mink lashes》

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