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I feel super blessed to have them in the summer in the US

As I write this, the temperatures outdoors in New York City are swimming around 100 degrees. Every time I walk outdoors, it feels like I have stepped into a microwave oven roaster, and within twinkles I am hot, sweaty, and miserable. While there is relatively literally nothing any of us can do about the rainfall( le shriek), what we can do is stock up on effects that will help make the days slightly more sufferable. Below, some of the stylish summer products that will help us all get through summer’s most scorching days feeling slightly less miserable. Or at the veritably least, less sweaty and smelly.


1.[2022 Latest] Portable Handheld Fans



  • 【3 SPEEDS AIRFLOW】This mini fan portable has 3 speeds (low/medium/high speed levels) that can be easily switched at the touch of a button. The wind is strong and the wind distance can reach 3m. Keep you safe from summer and hot flashes.

2.Smart Glasses Bluetooth Sunglasses


Very nice quality, well-made and super stylish. That’s what you can clearly see with the sunglasses, but what you can see is that they are Bluetooth enabled and can hook up to any coordinating device, like your cell phone. The best part, the sound is crystal clear and it can turn up pretty loud. Super cool, great price, makes it great gift idea, highly recommend.


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