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How about the quality of our eyelash packaging?

How about the quality of our eyelash packaging?

Custom Eyelash packaging box as a packaging part of lash line, its very important! Beautiful lash box can take great help to you lash business, some time even more important than eyelash itself!

Eyelash box vendors

There are many Eyelash box vendors with different price and quality. You pay for what you pay for. We have more than 150 eyelash packaging. Use the most advanced printing technology to print your logo and brand name on the box you like. , The colors are vivid and beautiful, and the zooming in to view the details is also very good.


Lash box vendors

We use the best packaging materials to make our Eyelash packaging boxes. There is single-powder paper, which is also called single-sided coated paper. The paper has one side smooth and the other side is dumb. It can be printed in various colors. There are no restrictions on colors and professional surface treatment. The processes are: glue, UV, hot stamping, embossing. As far as I know, many eyelash packaging suppliers use low-priced corrugated paper to make eyelash packaging, so their price will be very low, but the quality is very poor.

Wholesale eyelash packaging

Alanna is one of our customers. She used to buy 100 Lash packaging boxes for 240$ from other vendors. As a result, both the logo printing and the quality of the packaging boxes are very poor. There is nothing that can be used. 240$ was wasted. After seeing our lash packaging, she was very satisfied and placed an order with me.

eyelash packaging

Eyelash box vendors

In short, when choosing a suitable Lash vendor, we should not only care about its price, but also pay attention to quality, because we want to create value for our customers. Whether it is eyelash packaging or eyelashes, its ultimate goal is people use it. To make customers more beautiful and create value for customers, a good lash packaging box is the link to deliver value.

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eyelash packaging

eyelash packagingWholesale eyelash packaging

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