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Lash Venodr Magic Eyelash Glue

Magic Eyelash Glue

In order to meet customer needs, our new product Magic Eyelash Glue has the advantage of beautiful and fashionable appearance. It has eight styles to choose from. There are pearls and diamonds, full diamonds, and different color lines.

Magic Eyelash Glue list

Compared with ordinary eyelash glue, Magic Eyelash Glue is more convenient and faster. It can be used after opening the lid, like a pen. Of course, we don’t recommend you to use it to draw, lol, and it can dry quickly in 10 seconds, with moderate viscosity and waterproof. Will not damage your real eyelashes.Wearing these mink fur, your eyes will look bigger, brighter and more attractive, and you will look naturally beautiful.

Custom logo Magic Eyelash Glue 

Our Magic Eyelash Glue can add your logo and brand name on it to customize your personal brand of Magic Eyelash Glue.

Custom logo Magic Eyelash Glue 

1: Suitable for clean, dry eyelids without moisture or cosmetics.
2: Starting from one eye, apply GlueLiner along the natural eyelash line, just like a normal eyeliner.
3: Before the liner has a chance to dry on the eyelids, immediately apply the Lashes band along the GlueLiner line. Tap gently to secure the eyelash band in place. Repeat for the other eye.


Use Magic Eyelash Glue

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