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How to make lip gloss?

The advantage of homemade Best Lip Gloss is that you can customize your favorite smell, taste and color. Lip gloss is easy to make and the cost is very low. You can buy some of our lip gloss tubes to make your own lip gloss, start your lip gloss line, and spend a little money to start your business.

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Getting started simple lip gloss making

1. Scoop some petroleum jelly into a bowl. Be sure to use a microwave-heatable bowl, not a metal bowl. The amount of petroleum jelly is arbitrary, and you can make a full jar if you like.

2. Melt Vaseline in a microwave oven. Put the bowl in the microwave, turn it to “High” and heat it for 20 seconds. Remove from the microwave and stir. If there are still lumps, you can reheat it until it becomes slippery and thin.

3. Add fragrance. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or extract to add flavor to the vaseline. Rose, almond, vanilla, cinnamon, lavender, etc. are all worth trying.

4. Add a spoonful of honey. Honey not only makes the lip gloss more shiny, but also tastes sweet after applying the lips. Moreover, honey has antibacterial and moisturizing effects, which can play a protective role and prevent chapped lips.
If you don’t like honey, you can skip this step without affecting the gloss of the lip gloss too much.
Changing to other sweeteners is no problem at all, but it may shorten the shelf life of lip gloss, because sweeteners such as sugar can easily deteriorate.

5. Stir Lip Gloss. Keep stirring until the ingredients become even and smooth. If you like, you can add some honey, extract or essential oil to adjust its fragrance. If you want to bring some color, you can add food coloring of different colors, one drop is enough. Too much color will be too dark.

6. Pour into 10ml Lip Gloss Tubes. You can choose the style of  Lip Gloss Tubes you like. If you want to be more professional, we can Custom Lip Gloss Tubes for you and print your logo on it.

7. Let stand Glossier Lip Gloss. Let it sit at room temperature or in the refrigerator, let it cool down, and use it when it is not so thin.

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If you want to make more styles of lip gloss, you can add different ingredients to make it.
Add a little non-toxic glitter powder to make a sparkling lip gloss.