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Marble lashes packaging boxes

Marble lashes packaging boxes

Rolls Eyelashes has our own Custom eyelash packaging design team. We have introduced many popular eyelash packaging styles. Today I will introduce you to the popular marbled eyelash packaging.

eyelash packagingPink marble pattern lash box

Marble is usually used for decoration of high-end houses. Its natural texture, clean, tidy and smooth appearance are deeply loved by people. Smart and creative designers apply this exquisite design to the wholesale of “Custom eyelash packaging boxes“. The white box is no longer monotonous, the black box is more charming! People will think about it according to the texture of different rocks in nature, and design eyelash packaging boxes with different marble patterns such as green and red, which makes the types of eyelash packaging wholesale more colorful

eyelash packagingMarble lashes packaging boxes

Green marble pattern lash box

The biggest design feature of the high-end Marbled eyelash packaging box is the use of special marbled paper material and simple logo printing for embellishment, so that the entire package reflects a unique style in appearance and improves the quality of the entire eyelash package through special visual effects.

wholesale eyelash packagingBlack marble pattern lash boxGreen marble pattern lash packaging

The high-end marbled eyelash packaging box, the flip-top design is very easy for users to use, and the overall appearance is simple, refined and beautiful, meeting the requirements of simple high-end design;

Flip magnet eyelash box

The overall color is matched with the upper Eyelash packaging box using a marble pattern with a uniform color inside and outside. While maintaining a unique visual effect, the eyelash packaging box has a very special effect.

Custom eyelash boxes

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