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Our MOQ for mink lashes is only 10 pairs

Our MOQ for Mink lashes is only 10 pairs

Rolls lashes has a professional Lash manufacturer and Eyelash packaging manufacturer. When a customer orders mink eyelashes and is ready to pay, we need to calculate another fee, which is shipping. However, the shipping cost is directly proportional to the weight of the eyelashes. The price is within this range. Some customers will ask us to order 3-2 pairs of mink fur wholesale, or even 1 pair of eyelashes.

《Who Is Best Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor In The USA》

Lash manufacturer

I know that some customers want to order our eyelash samples and understand the quality of our eyelashes. I understand very well, but, my friend, do you know? The shipping fee for the pair you ordered is the same as the shipping cost for the 10 pairs you ordered, which is 25$, and we have many styles. You buy back and try several eyelash styles. Maybe you will find a surprise. Maybe you like this style? So this is the reason why our eyelashes MOQ10 are correct, we will all provide you with better service and product quality.

《Popular Custom Lash Books Packaging Box》

Eyelash packagingMink lashes

Of course, some customers just want to do a small business, and they can wear them on their own or sell them in their circle of friends. Then you can order 10 pairs of eyelashes and 10 eyelash boxes without logo. My customer Tsunami did just that. ‘S circle of friends has made good profits and has repeatedly ordered 3 times.

Lash vendor

I have full confidence in our 3D mink eyelash vendor. Although there are many different prices on the market, the materials we choose are strictly selected. Customers will naturally buy them back and wear them. I have confidence in the customers who buy my mink eyelashes. I believe their business will be very good.

Wholesale eyelash vendors

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