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Most charming glitter lash box

Most charming glitter lash box

Rolls lashes is a professional Lash packaging vendors, wholesale eyelash packaging boxes, there are more than 100 different styles of Eyelash packaging boxes, today I recommend this kind of Glitter lash boxes

Custom eyelash packaging boxGlitter lash box

This kind of Lash packaging has a strong color effect and frosted touch. With the refraction of light, it completely subverts the traditional Custom eyelash packaging and impression, showing a shiny effect that other lash boxes cannot replace.

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Custom eyelash packaging

Eyelash packaging

Glitter lash box can promote the sales of Mink lashes, especially in self-selected stores. In the store, glitter lash packaging attracts the customer’s attention and can turn his attention into interest. Some people think that “every packaging box is a billboard.” Good eyelash packaging can increase the attractiveness of new products, and the value of eyelash packaging itself can also motivate consumers to buy eyelashes. In addition, increasing the attractiveness of eyelash packaging is less expensive than increasing the unit price of the product.

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eyelash box vendorsEyelash packaging box

Packaging box

Due to the special material of this kind of eyelash packaging, many Eyelash packaging vendors can only print 1 to 2 colors of logo, and we have more advanced printing technology that can print multiple color effects for you, so you don’t have to worry You have a multi-color logo that cannot be printed on this box.

Custom lash packaging

Wholesale eyelash boxes

Eyelash packaging wholesale

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