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Use Your Own Photos To Make Custom Lash Box Logo

Use Your Own Photos To Make Custom Lash Box Logo

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In the eyelash industry, a new fashion has recently become popular, that is, when customizing the Eyelash packaging box, put your own photo and your own brand name on it, and make your own logo! This will be the unique eyelash packaging in the world, you will always be different and make a unique eyelash packaging box. It looks very beautiful and simple! Deepen the customer’s impression of you and build your fan circle.

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You can use your real photos, young and full of energy, everyone likes beautiful beauties, right? For example, Kardashian, people will stop when they see her and appreciate her beauty and sexy with their eyes. Of course, you can also perform preliminary processing of your own photos and perform some cartoon processing, which is more interesting; you can also make the photos more sexy and attractive.

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When your eyelash line is initiated by multiple entrepreneurs, please print a group photo of all the founder partners. It looks beautiful, like a band or a club, but no one would think it is a team of entrepreneurs! It’s so exciting when you think about it, right?

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