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Real models uniform our lashes

Real models uniform our lashes

Rolls lashes is one Eyelash Manufacturer with 8 years Mink Lashes producing experiences.Gained believes and supports from millions of Mink Lashes Vendors Usa own its high quality Mink Strip Lashes

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We continuously improved our mink lashes, Including using good materials, improve producing skills, training factory workers and so on, we developed the quantity of our mink lashes.Hundreds of test, hundreds of improvements, we successfully produced suitable mink lashes with high quantity. became world famous wholesale mink lashes suppliers

So what does our lashes look like when customers wear them? seeing is believing.

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DC22, natural eyelash style, close to people’s real lashes, people can’t even tell if you wear false eyelashes.

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DY14 25MM mink lashes is one of our longest eyelash styles. It magnifies your beauty. It is suitable for parties and performances in crowded places. It can attract the eyes of others and show your beauty.

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DC04, natural eyelash style, close to people’s real eyelashes, the whole is more uniform and symmetrical

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7D07 is our new eyelash style, the overall curl is very good, cute and fashionable style. Suitable for young women who pursue fashion.

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