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How To Pick The Right False Lashes?

How To Pick The Right False Lashes? First of all, we have to understand what style of mink fur our attracted customers like. Below I will introduce you to 3 different styles of Mink eyelashes, and find the mink eyelashes that suit your customers.

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The first ones are subtle and flirty, these are accent lashes that go just on the outer and they are a lot easy to apply and wear plus they make your eyes look more lifted, when you use these bad boys, you have created a sweet and flirty look! After our investigation, this style is most liked by high School and college girls.

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These lashes are glink and volume but nothing to over-the-top and with these lashes they are going to make your eyes look more round, add extra depth and dimension to your eyes, and you look has a touch of glamour .If your clients are mature women in the Workplace, they will love these styles of mink eyelashes, which are low-key and luxurious.

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This is our most exaggerated and Sexy eyelash style. They are 25mm mink eyelashes. If your customers often go to parties, bars, and other busy places, please choose this style. Your customers will love it Yes, eye-catching, boldly show your sexy and beautiful in front of people. Don’t let go of every boy and girl’s eyes, harvest them all.

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Last but not least we have the really full and volumizing lashes which are perfect for a night out because they’re going to make your eyes look huge, you can rim your eyes with a black eyeliner as well before applying the false eyelashes ! Now you have got a sexy nighttime look that will have all eyes on you!

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Cooperating with Mink Lash Vendors Rolls Lashes, we will provide you with a lot of high-quality and fashionable eyelash styles, which are very easy to sell and help you make big money!

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  1. How about the quality of our eyelash packaging?

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