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Square Eyelash Cases

Square Eyelash Cases

Rolls lashes newly launched Square Eyelash Cases. This kind of eyelash packaging gives your mink eyelashes an intuitive display opportunity and improves the appearance of the product. For example, this eyelash packaging is cute and easy to store. It is a favorite of many young girls. You can also print your LOGO and brand name, and completely customize it into your ideal style and design. Let’s see what advantages it has.

Custom eyelash packaging

1.Square eyelash cases are more practical

For our daily life, the practicality of Eyelash packaging is the first thing we consider. Whether it is the practicality of carrying or the practicality of stacking, square eyelash cases are much more practical than other eyelash packaging, and the price is It is also very good, at least many things in our lives are placed in such a transparent plastic box.

Custom lash packaging

2. Square lashes cases are clearer

The reason why we say this Lash packaging is relatively clear is that we can easily see the eyelashes in the box. For example, when we go to a store or some places to buy things, we can easily compare the contents if we buy things in a transparent plastic box. The status quo of the items placed gives people a feeling that the supplier is very comfortable to display the product, which proves that the Eyelash vendor is very confident in the mink eyelashes, so when we buy it, we will definitely be relatively safe and naturally choose this product.

Create your own eyelash packagingWholesale custom eyelash packaging box

3. Square lash cases are safer

The reason why it is safer is that, on the one hand, it can be effectively waterproof and moisture-proof like other cases, and some materials can also prevent corrosion, even flames at a certain temperature are not afraid. Cases do not use some chemical elements, so in comparison, they are relatively safe and healthy.

Eyelash box vendors

Now this Eyelash packaging MOQ only needs 30pcs, the price is more than you can imagine, contact What APP +8618753266218 to provide you with one-to-one manual service. If you have other questions, you can contact us.

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