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Things to pay attention to when starting an eyelash business.

Things To Pay Attention To When Starting An Eyelash Business

For people in the eyelash business, choosing a reliable Eyelash Vendors is very important. A reliable Vendors will save the cost of eyelashes and attract more customers.Rolls Lashes high-quality mink lash vendor and Eyelash Packaging Vendors , handmade and higher quality! Accurate and shiny, long length. Very durable and perfect performance. , Parties, etc. Fill your eyes with charm.

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When choosing an eyelash supplier, we should pay attention to the following issues.

1.Choose An Eyelash Factory

Choosing an eyelash vendors with its own eyelash factory, price and MOQ will have great advantages, and the factory has its own quality inspection department, they will strictly control the quality of eyelashes. The Lash Manufacturer has a better knowledge of the product and can arrange suitable orders for the customer without any quality problems in the eyelashes.

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2. Will The Eyelash Style And Eyelash Packaging Box Be Updated Regularly?

Only by keeping up with the trend of the times can we not be eliminated. As a professional Eyelash Vendors, we have an experienced team of designers who constantly introduce new styles to attract new customers and retain regular customers.

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3. Shipping time

The delivery time and efficiency of the eyelash supplier are very important to your eyelash business. If you have a launch time, but you do not receive the goods before the launch time, your eyelash business will become very troublesome. mink eyelash wholesale distributor usaStart Your Own Mink Lash Company

We promise if You only order less than 500 eyelashes and boxes without logo. We can arrange delivery orders for you directly from our warehouse. The shipping time only takes 3-5 days to reach the United States, Britain and other countries. We customize the box that prints your logo , The production time only needs 5-6 days.

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4. The more you order, the better the price.

Many customers are satisfied with our quality after receiving our eyelash samples or they have made some money by placing a small order before. They will place a big order with us. Then we will give some discounts on the unit price for the big order. Shipping costs will also be very cost-effective.

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