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How to test the standard of mink eyelashes?

How to test the standard of mink eyelashes?

25mm lashesRolls Mink Lash Vendors

First, watching the structure of the lashes.
The shape of excellent Wholesale Mink 3D Lashes is meant by our professional designers within the world

according to the structure of the flower and shapes the eyelashes more beautifully consistent with people’s eyes and face shapes.

So it’s easy to repeat the form of the lashes , but they can’t copy the soul of our Luxury 3D Mink Lashes.

Different style lashes different structure, so if you would like to order the various sort of mink lashes, choose the various structure first.

lash vendorsEyelash Vendors Wholesale

Second, that specialize in the mink fur of your wholesale eyelashes.
There is no sharp hair on your bad cheaper eyelashes. If they’re made from poor-quality with low raw materials, these raw materials are rock bottom and not selected.

Besides, the work of the workers isn’t the skilled one .

Due to the unfamiliar operation of the workers, the hair was damaged within the process of placing the hair, in order that they continued to use it.

The lower eyelashes haven’t yet passed the standard inspection within the market.

But for Rolls Lashes , we’ve three QC reach confirm each pair of mink lashes are the simplest mink lashes within the market.

However, our Top Grade Eyelash materials are selected one by one by our workers.

The tips of the hair are very sharp,long, strong,light and excellent .

We have to pass strict quality inspections.

mink lashesEyelash Manufacturer

Third, watching the density of your mink wholesale eyelashes

Good Hand-Made Mink Eyelashes are very fluffy, soft, and therefore the density is different consistent with the structure and elegance , and therefore the density pattern is more perfect.

However, poor quality eyelashes have different density and structure, which makes them look cheap.

lash manufacturingStrip Lashes Wholesale

Fourth, Checking the looks of your wholesale lashes.

Only the high-end eyelashes look very beautiful, stylish, and really lifelike, giving a way of luxury.

The feel of high-end eyelashes is that the key to luxury mink lashes, which makes women everywhere the planet more beautiful, charming and assured .

25mm mink lashes25mm Wholesale Lashes

Sixth, Feeling the mink fur.

If they’re top grade mink fur, the mink fur is long, fluffy, and soft, strong, the simplest mink fur comes from the tail a part of young mink,

but few Mink Lashes Vendor know this, and that they just haven’t any idea about the fabric and just use the broken mink fur to supply the Wholesale Mink Lashes, which we called Scrap.Seventh, asking the worth of the Mink Lashes Wholesale.
A good mink lashes is far costlier than the opposite mink fur, if they’re rock bottom , you’ll know why they’re so cheap, and therefore the Real 100% Mink Fur lashes can’t be so cheap.

Mink lash vendorsBuy Mink Lashes In Bulk

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How To Customize Your Own Eyelash Box?

Eyelash packaging box

How To Customize Your Own Eyelash Box?

Rolls Lashes Vendor have own Eyelash Packaging Manufactuer. we offer custom boxes can print your logo,MOQ just need 30pcs, we don’t recommond use logo stickers,make your lashes very low.the customer won’t think that the lashes have a worth of 20-30 dollar, please remember that even the simplest products also need good Eyelash Packaging .

Eyelash packaging box

Custom Eyelash PackagingMost Popular Eyelash Packaging in 2020

1. Free eyelash packaging
If you select Rolls Lashes, we’ll provide you with Free eyelash packaging to assist you begin your mink eyelash business. If you would like to order free eyelash packaging immediately, you’ll contact us via WhatsApp.
We will send you a free Lash packaging catalog, you’ll choose any sort of Lash Boxes from the catalog.

Eyelash packaging

2.Sorts of general mink eyelashes packaging.
There are many regular packaging stocks, so you’ll choose them easily, and that we can ship them to you within 24 hours to make sure that you simply receive the package within the first time.

3.Customized eyelash packaging
If you would like to make your own mink eyelash brand, you want to design and produce Custom Lash Packaging.If you select Paiget Lashes as your first batch of mink fur suppliers, we will design it for you for free of charge .

Eyelash packaging

4. Build your social media.
Make sure you’ve got your own eyelash brand social media, like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.Fifth, build your own website. you ought to have your own website. 《How Improve The Quality Of The Mink Lashes ?》When people want to scrub their eyelashes, you’ll display them as soon as possible. So on promote sales.

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Is 2021 suitable to start wholesale eyelashes and start your own lash business?

Is 2021 suitable to start wholesale eyelashes and start your own eyelash business?

The us has always been a land of opportunity. Everyone has the proper and “theoretical” opportunity to start out a Wholesale Mink Lashes business and achieve success . Starting Your Own Mink Lash Company may be a big challenge for several people, but once successful, the rewards are going to be very large.

lash vendorsEyelash Manufacturer

1. You’ll Follow Your Passion

Many people have an entrepreneurial dream. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy for several people. Mink Eyelashes are going to be more successful as a business direction. Because 3D Mink Lash are necessities of life, everyone wears them, therefore the sales are very impressive. you’ll realize your ideals by creating your own mink eyelashes industry.

Custom eyelash packagingWholesale Mink Lashes Vendors

2. You’ll Achieve Financial Independence.

Many people want to Wholesale Mink Lashes with less money within the early stages of their business. Of course, at the start of the establishment of a Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale company, building a corporation may consume tons of energy and need careful planning, but the last word goal of becoming your own boss is to cultivate financial independence. determinedly and diligence , your own business won’t be profitable. If you would like to accumulate wealth, then there’s no reason why you can’t achieve that goal.

Compared with having a salary or salary, Starting your own Mink Lashes Wholesale business has several financial advantages.

First, you want to build a Mink Lashes Business with growth potential, and your wallet will grow because the company grows.

Second, your business itself may be a valuable asset. As your business grows, its value gets higher and better . you’ll plan to sell it, otherwise you can keep it and pass it on to your heirs. Either way, it’s valuable.

22mm mink lashesLash Vendors Usa

3. You’ll Control Your Own Lifestyle And Schedule.

Wholesale Lashes can provide you with a more flexible lifestyle and schedule, so you won’t desire you’re wandering on the company’s hamster wheel. you’ll prefer to schedule meetings consistent with your family schedule, otherwise you can prefer to work from home-when you’re the boss, the sky is unlimited. you continue to need to complete the work, but nobody looks at you to form sure you complete the task on time.《What are luxury mink lashes?》

3D Mink Eyelash Vendor Rolls Lashes tell you that entrepreneurship is tough work, and a versatile schedule might not happen immediately. However, albeit you’re employed for an extended time, you recognize that you simply are serving yourself and your family, not your distant boss or shareholder.

Eyelash packaging box suppliersMink Lashes Bulk

4. You’ll Start From Scratch.

This is your 25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale business! you create the principles . you’re not restricted by the standards and procedures of your boss or company culture. you’ll provide products or services that suit your vision. you’ll also build a corporation supported your own ideas. regardless of what problems you encounter in your work environment, you’ve got the chance to vary your business.

Many entrepreneurs say that when they struggle to freely become their own boss and choose on their own company, they never want to figure for others anymore.

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging3D Mink Lash Vendor

5. You’ll Become An Expert In Various Skills.

Part of starting your own eyelash business is learning to wear many various hats, especially within the youth . you want to master many new skills, from human resource decision-making to inventory management to customer service. you’ll soon become an expert in your own industry, Wholesale Lash Vendors  can assist you ,and at an equivalent time, you’ll become an expert in various new skills that you simply will learn at work. As your business develops, you’ll still acquire new knowledge and skills . you’ll skills every tiny aspect of operation works. This experience can’t be obtained anywhere else.

We are very willing to supply you with entrepreneurial assistance. Garnier Lashes is committed to providing high-quality Mink Lashes Vendor with fast delivery, allowing customers to quickly start their own eyelashes business. We also provide Custom Lash Packaging service, liberal to design logo for our customers after payment is successful.

Mink Eyelash Vendors25mm Lashes

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2021 Global Eyelashes Market Development Trend

2021 Global Eyelashes Market Development Trend

Mink Lash VendorsVendors For Lashes

2021 is an extraordinary year. The new normal after the epidemic has brought great subversion to the consumer psychology and behavior of global consumers.
It also has a profound impact on the global retail and Wholesale mink eyelashes pattern. Such a complex and changeable market environment has brought Eyelash manufacturers and eyelash suppliers to the United States to a new stage of development, and has also brought many opportunities and challenges to our customers and partners.

Therefore, as one of the professional Eyelash vendors, we have released 《Eyelash Market Trends》 with multiple Wholesale eyelash suppliers China and according to the latest market analysis data, hoping to bring the latest industry insights to our customers.

FedEx shippingEyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

The global eyelash retail and Wholesale eyelash market has gone through more than ten years. Benefiting from people’s demand for eyelashes and the continuous pursuit of beauty and fashion, 《What is the best lashes wholesale?》many Eyelash Vendors USA have begun to take shape and have accumulated strong eyelash products and supplies. Chain capabilities and certain experience in social media operations, but limited user stickiness and pressure on profits, are gradually becoming obstacles to the next development of some companies. We have been paying attention to the trends of our partners and industry trends, and we are deeply aware that in the future, brands that have strong brand power and build clear recognition and loyalty among consumers will be able to get rid of traffic and low-price competition, and are improving Users repurchase, create product premiums and other aspects, and at the same time, excellent eyelash brands can also play a good role in resisting risk factors such as epidemics.

1.We focus on researching a number of European and American eyelash brands and new Internet brands to explore their best practices.

User dimension: Based on the in-depth analysis of user portraits and shopping journeys, providing users with professional eyelash knowledge and more patient responses is the only way for successful eyelash companies to improve user experience and repurchase;

Product dimensions: Professional Custom eyelash packaging boxes often accurately define user needs and attract purchases, creating superior 3D mink eyelashes.
You can rely on scientific planning of 25mm Lashes, periodic new 3D Lashes products, and creation of explosive models in line with user positioning to drive sales;

Brand dimension: Successful eyelash companies often occupy the minds of consumers by building prominent brand stories, presenting a unified brand image, and using a variety of marketing methods.

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale3D Mink Lashes Wholesale

1. E-commerce accelerates development under the catalysis of the epidemic

In 2020, the new crown epidemic swept the world, and consumers turned to online consumption on a large scale, stimulating the rapid development of the global e-commerce retail industry. From the perspective of e-commerce retail sales, from 2019 to 2020, the retail sales of Eyelash suppliers in major countries in Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific region experienced rapid growth of more than 15%.

Looking at the global market, the mature mink eyelash market represented by the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada has developed a good ecology after decades of development, and the per capita purchase rate is at the leading level in the world. Therefore, we are facing these three In the past 12 months, the country has issued survey questionnaires to online consumers who have made purchases on independent e-commerce channels and social media platforms. Based on the 3,000 questionnaires collected, it explores how consumers’ online consumption behaviors before and after the epidemic.Changes in shopping minds and focus on 3D mink lashes, lash packaging, lash tools, lash glue.

Eyelash packaging box suppliersCustomize Your Own Eyelash Box

1. Cultivate the user’s online shopping habit

Trying to shop online during the epidemic may not be voluntary, but as the epidemic continues to spread and the convenient experience of buying eyelashes and wholesale eyelashes online, some consumers have learned more about online shopping and nurtured online shopping Habitually, about 75% of respondents said that they will continue to buy these 3D mink eyelashes and Eyelash packaging online after the epidemic.

2. Convenience

Easily find what they need, one-click ordering, door-to-door delivery and cost-effectiveness are the main reasons why consumers continue to buy and wholesale mink eyelashes online.
Consumers over the age of 40 pay more attention to the cost-effectiveness of eyelashes. At the same time, allowing consumers to more intuitively understand high-quality eyelash products and shorten the delivery time, which can attract them to buy more. And social interaction is also an important consideration for younger consumers. Most of the young respondents said that the reason for not continuing to buy online is that they “cannot shop with relatives and friends” online, which is significantly higher than other age groups.

3. Impulse consumption

More impulsive consumption is inspired by promotional information and Custom eyelash packaging, 《Where to buy custom eyelash packaging?》while the influence of celebrities in impulsive consumption has declined. “I want to change the product”
It is still the primary reason for the rational consumption of consumers in various countries. At the same time, the epidemic has reduced the demand for eyelashes on certain occasions (such as festivals), but it has led to more emotionally stimulating consumption, such as rewarding oneself or choosing gifts for others.

Eyelash VendorEyelash Packaging Design

How to get more customers?

In order to further attract and retain consumers, eyelash brands should pay attention to better eyelash products cost-effective, reliable payment and refund Exchange service, and simple shopping process.

Providing a clear return and exchange policy, detailed eyelash product information and a trusted third-party payment platform is the best way for the brand’s official website to build consumer trust, which is especially important for middle-aged and elderly people.

Build a good brand impression

The brand impression of lashes comes not only from the product and shopping experience, but also from its value proposition. Advocating specific values to help brands build “personality” and establish an emotional connection with their users. In addition to the values that have been advocated by many brands such as “sustainable development” and “animal protection”, ”
The new value propositions of the Eyelash box such as “creativity” and “minimalism” are also rapidly penetrating the younger generation of consumer groups.

Eyelash CASESMinimalism Lash Packaging Box

I hope you will have a better and better business with reference to these analysis data in 2021. If you have any good ideas, please feel free to contact us Whatsapp +8618753266218

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How long can 3D mink eyelashes be used?

How long can 3D mink eyelashes be used?

Eyelash Vendors WholesaleEyelash Vendors

3D Luxury Mink Lashes are a life savor. Whether you’re a lash green-hand, once you’ve got your eyes touched with those lashes, the magic begins. consistent with sales data, 3D Mink Eyelashes are increasing steadily and would keep this trend for a minimum of two or three years. Nobody dislikes a glamorous look.

What is 3D Mink Lashes?

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes are made from mink’s fur, an equivalent as human hair. the foremost advantage of mink lashes is soft, fluffy also as light-weighted. Don’t worry, all mink lashes from our Lash Factory are animal cruelty-free products. If you’re a green hand wearing false lashes, you would possibly take a glance at our blogs.

3D MINK LASHESMink Lashes Wholesale

What’s the lifespan of 3D Mink Long Lashes?

Unlike other sorts of false eyelashes, mink lashes could last up to 25 times. Mink lashes come from natural fur of mink, silk and pretend mink lashes are man-made synthetic lashes. However, this doesn’t mean we will do whatever we would like . On the opposite hand, lash hairs are fragile and that they are made by machine, following the below guideline to stay our looks shining without hurting our purse.《Is IRIS Lashes A Legal Mink Lash Vendor?》

How to remove and clean the mink lash?

After beginning those lashes, we’d like to scrub them clean to raised be prepared to wear next time. the foremost important issue is we’d like to undertake getting the lash glue out of our mink lash band completely.

To begin with, we’d like a tweezer to urge the glue off the maximum amount as possible. Use one hand handy the lash hair, another hand can pulling the glue by tweezer within the opposite way. Gradually, you’ll see the band looks far better . Next, as we are holding the lash available , we could have the q-tip dipped with soapy water to softly rub the hair. a couple of minutes later, you’ll see some gunk is shedding eventually. Lastly, wrap your lash with tissue to dry the eyelashes. If you’re during a hurry, a hand blower is another choice.

How to lookout properly?

First of first, always confine mind acting very careful when touching your mink lashes. Start with a mild grab on the lash band rather than lash hair to avoid damage lash hair. The last tip that a lot of users ignore easily always keeps your original lash package since it helps to order the right curl and protecting from dust.

Mink Lash Vendors

What can a reputable eyelash vendor offer you?

1.Strict management and professional team

2.Our factory provide competitive wholesale price

3.Only specialise in top grade Luxury Mink Lashes

4.The ability to style new styles lashes

5.High quality about our lashes

6.Huge store

7.Professional designer team

8.Top service

9.Cruelty free

10.Efficient Express

11.Complete after-sales service

Eyelash VendorCreate Your Own Eyelash Packaging

The process of receiving orders

(1) Customers send inquiries to Sales

(2) Sales answer customers as soon as possible, quote and ensure the name of products, size, quantities and delivery time,etc.

(3) Sales send the formal order to customers through negotiation.

(4) Make a producing order and arrange for Lash manufacturing.

(5) Let the inspector check the products before delivering goods in one week.

(6) If there are not any any problems for goods, sales give the delivery personnel the address/tel number/name and let delivery personnel deliver goods

(7) After delivering goods successfully, the delivery personnel will give sales a tracking number, then sales give customers this tracking number and tell customers what express company they use and the way many days to receive goods.

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What are the advantages of choosing a Chinese eyelash vendor?

What are the advantages of choosing a Chinese eyelash vendor?

We are a famous Mink Lashes Vendor from China, we have our own Lash factory! Why do more and more people like to cooperate with Eyelash Vendors China? Because Qingdao, Shandong Province, China is the birthplace of eyelashes and the largest eyelash production base in the world! There are many eyelash factories here!

Lash ManufacturersEyelash Vendors Wholesale

Why do I choose Lash Vendors in China?

1.There are many kinds of eyelashes!
If I say, whether you are a makeup artist, wholesaler, retailer or studio, you can get any eyelash style you want here, do you believe it ? There are more than 5000 eyelash styles for you to choose from, so whether you are looking for 3D or not , 5D , 6D , 7d mink eyelashes, 3D , 5D , 6D , 7d artificial mink eyelashes, silk eyelashes, magnetic eyelashes, handmade eyelashes, extension eyelashes, etc. you can get them here!

3D MINK LASHESMink Lash Vendors

2.Get the best wholesale price!
Compared with buying eyelashes from the United States, I recommend you to find Wholesale Lash Vendors from China to Wholesale Eyelashes! Because they have their own factory here, they can provide you with very affordable products. And if you want to wholesale in large quantities, you can get better discounts and gifts! Isn’t that good?《Where to buy cheap lashes?》

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging Box《How Do I Choose The Eyelash Packaging That Customers Like?》

3.Quality and quality, strictly control!
Since ancient times, Chinese people have been hardworking and studying hard! Every factory here has an amazing quality control team that checks all orders before delivering them to customers to ensure that buyers receive only the best products from their inventory. This will ensure that the eyelashes received by customers are of the best quality!

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Why choose an important element of eyelash packaging?

Why choose an important element of eyelash packaging?

Now as an Eyelash Packaging Manufacturer, selling eyelashes to female customers is one of the arduous and tricky tasks. The reason is that competition in the cosmetics industry is fierce, and companies must provide customers with important things before customers consider buying products. You can do some things that make them attractive, including dazzling prints, outstanding designs, attractive coatings and durable materials. As a result, Custom Eyelash Boxes and Eyelash Packaging can have an impact on consumers’ purchasing behavior and ultimately increase commercial value.

Eyelash Packaging WholesaleWholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Eyes are one of the most attractive parts of the female body. Women will do their best to make the eyes look beautiful, big and attractive. Eyelashes can help women achieve this goal. Eyelashes are one of the most important cosmetic materials for women. The makeup of a woman without quality makeup and beautiful mink eyelashes is incomplete.

1.Protect eyelashes

We understand that eyelashes are very delicate, so it is very important to use them carefully. For this purpose, Eyelash Boxes are the best.《Do you need to custom your own branded lash packaging box?》

Wholesale Mink Lashes VendorsDiy Eyelash Packaging

2.Increase sales and brand promotion

If the sales volume of the product increases, the business will grow exponentially. This will only happen if the packaging meets the quality standards of the Eyelash Manufacturer that the customer expects. The right Eyelash Box can have a significant impact on the image and reputation of the brand, and ultimately can promote the brand to the highest value, and ultimately enable the eyelash company to occupy a good market share. This is the goal that every manufacturer is striving for.

Mink lashes wholesale vendorsCustomize Your Own Eyelash Box

3.Strong connection with customers

Beautifully designed Custom Lash Boxes can create a sensational connection with customers. Women are obsessed with things that make them look beautiful, charming and confident. Eyelashes are one of them. How do women determine which eye shadow cream is good for them? There may be two possibilities. One is that someone recommends a certain brand of flowers to them, or they go to a cosmetics store to check a few Lash Boxes and then analyze them by themselves. Only the correct packaging can convince them to buy immediately.《How To Design A Professional Eyelash Packaging?》

Eyelash packaging boxLash Box Design

Our Lash Packaging use the best quality materials to make a variety of  Custom Lash Packaging Boxes. Our service will never let you down, because providing customers with the best service and maximum value is our top priority.

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How do I start a Lashes Dropshipping business?

How do I start a Lashes Dropshipping business?

FedEx shipping

How does Eyelashes Dropshipping work?

Direct selling means that Eyelash Vendors USA allows the Eyelash Manufacturer China to send the order directly and ship it to the customer.

In other words, you pass the sales order to the Wholesale Eyelash Vendor, and the Lash supplier executes the order.

You don’t need to worry about storage and inventory issues. You only need to focus on marketing, advertising and managing its online image.

Do you want to Start Your Own Lashes Business Line?《How to start the first Eyelash Business?》

If you’ve got little budget, you’ll choose drop shipping to start out your lashes business and build your own lashes brand.

Lash Manufacturers

How dose it work?

1.we sign agreement on the business operation and establish relationship with one another .

2.we’ll send you the catalog for you to settle on your lashes and can offer you the precise price.’ll choose the eyelash packaging box you would like , we will print your logo and name on your box for you.

4.choose the cheaper shipping cost way, and confirm the shipping cost.

5.all the problems have solved ,we will sign the dropshipping contract with one another . All the problems you are worried about the cooperation are going to be solved.

lash vendors

And we will ship your parcel on to your customers and leave all the questions on capital and inventory pressures to us. What are 3D Mink Lashes?》

What are the benefits of consignment?

Almost all eyelash retailers should consider at least five good reasons to consider direct delivery.

•Minimize startup risk
•Reduce product cost
•Reduce warehousing and logistics costs
•Wide variety of eyelash products

mink lashes

Consignment is profitable. Consignment is a low-risk business model that allows you to sell products to customers without incurring huge operating costs like Wholesale Lash Vendors. Because of these lower costs, it is easier to profit from faster shipping speeds compared to other business models.

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Do you want custom eyeliner packaging?

Do you want custom eyeliner packaging?

LASH GLUE PEN BOXEyeliner packaging with Logo


Eyelash&Eyeliner packaging is well known, and now many product packaging is very beautiful and gorgeous, why on earth? Is it true that the sentence should be complied with: Is it not the product that sells, but the packaging? Does eyeliner also need a box? This question has been entangled for a long time, and Rolls Lashes is here to reveal the answer to this question.

Custom Lash Glue Pen Box

Whether it is mink eyelashes or eyeliner, packaging is indispensable in order to increase their sales. The Eyeliner packaging box is an important part of turning the eyeliner into a commodity and promoting its sale. It is a silent advertisement and has an obvious promotional effect. The goal is to establish a brand and image, thereby influencing consumers’ vision to achieve marketing goals.

Custom Eyeliner Packaging

Lash glue pen packaging box is designed and manufactured according to the structure and appearance of the product, so that it can protect the eyeliner safely during transportation and sales. At the same time, its appearance also attracts people’s attention and has a complete and moving image. It is suitable for people’s needs to attract people’s purchase rate. The mediocre design makes the lash glue pen bleak, and a beautiful and high-end Custom Eyeliner Packaging makes the product radiant, which increases the added value and stimulates consumers’ desire to buy.

Custom eyeliner packaging boxes

If you want to order some high-quality Eyeliner and Custom eyeliner packaging boxes, please feel free to contact us.

LASH GLUE PEN BOX LISTEyeliner Packaging List

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What are the advantages of the 2021 New drawer lash boxes?

What are the advantages of the 2021 New drawer lash boxes?

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging

The creation of beauty is a kind of talent that relies on intuition; and the design of beauty is more compromised and considerate. The eyelash box design does not seek to be stunning, but to leave some marks over a long period of time. Small Eyelash Packaging improvements can also convey careful thoughts, and the change in the box shape can bring this. For example, custom-made drawer type Lash Packaging Boxes have these advantages.

1. The appearance of the product is more attractive, which will double your product sales.

2. Consumers can see your products clearly, and product promotion becomes more effective.

3. Show your products better and make it easy for customers to purchase.

4. Help improve the product’s market positioning and product quality.

5. Able to cooperate with product promotion activities.

pull out Custom Eyelash Packaging Box


The drawer type is also called the pull type. The Drawer-type eyelash packaging box has the characteristics of firmness, thickness and convenient use because it has a double-layer structure and a pull-out form.

This Drawer-style DIY Eyelash Packaging looks like a drawer at home, and the box can be opened from the side to see the goods inside. These boxes are not only very sturdy, can provide the greatest safety and hygiene guarantee for your eyelashes, but also have an elegant appearance. Also adding your eyelash logo and brand name will be very attractive, and you will feel surprised when you open it.《How To Buy a Customized Eyelash Box?》

pull out Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

The wholesale price is very good, and the minimum order quantity is only 30 pieces.

The drawer type Lash Packaging Box can also divide the mink eyelashes into different categories to make them more tidy. It is also easier to be used as a storage box, which reduces the waste of resources to a certain extent, and at the same time can achieve the publicity effect of the eyelash brand.《Do you need to custom your own branded lash packaging box?》

pull out Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

The above are the advantages of Custom Pull Packaging Boxes, which will be carefully conveyed, and at the same time, consumers can feel the humanized design of eyelash packaging and have a good impression of the brand.