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Ten Ways To Use Mascara

Special needs special treatment

Almost all mascara claims to be both dense and well-defined and elongated, but we tell you it’s impossible. A mascara can only have a few of the key features, and sometimes the formula will sacrifice one of the features in order to achieve the perfect function of another

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Make-up artist Troy Surratt said, “If you want special effects, may wish to find a special section for their needs,” curling mascara contains resin and paraffin wax can help enhance the curl effect, longer formula nylon Fibers can help lengthen the effect. Brush head is also very important, large and thick brush brush out of eyelashes brush effect is the same.

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Black is the best choice

Anyone can use black, whether it is a blonde or a brunette girl. Make-up artist Susan Giordano said: “The effect of mascara is to enhance the eye effect, eyelashes root clear and distinct, but perhaps you do not have to be coated to achieve that effect, but that does not mean that you can take the risk of trying a variety of Color mascara green eyes, blue eyes and light brown eyes with purple mascara will be great, and the contrast of brown eyes and blue or green mascara will be very stunning use black or dark brown eyes with brown and black eyelashes Cream is very good.

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Do not use waterproof products as a last resort

Mascara, which uses a water-repellent formula every day, can make makeup remorse cumbersome; you have to rub it down to remove it, and doing so can make the eyelashes exceptionally fragile. Or leave it at the beach or friends wedding to use it.

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First clip the perfect arc

A good eyelash curler can make the eyes become bigger and more sexy in minutes, the secret is to use the eyelash curler before mascara, otherwise the mascara will stick to the eyelash curler, and drag some eyelash. Look straight in the mirror and raise the chin. Keep the clip pressed against the root of the eyelashes for 3-5 seconds, and then stay in the middle of the eyelashes for three, about a second.


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How to increase the sense of abundance of eyelashes

After curling, first on both the upper and lower lashes are painted with long mascara. Then, brush the curling mascara at the root again. The last horizontal brush eyelashes make it appear even more abundance, so painted eyelashes make the eyes look slender and stylish.


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How to lengthen and make it clear

In the short eyelashes coated with two layers of long mascara can quickly make up for lack of. First with the towel on the mascara excess paste rub off, brush one eye and then apply the other one, once after brushing it to brush again. Brush from the roots of the eyelashes, and then gently stretch. Soleimani said: “This quick brush method can make eyelashes clear roots at the same time make eyes bigger and more God.”


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Correct brush out the “fly leg” effect

Flies leg is not a symbol of bad taste, in the Fashion Week T stage, this trend has returned. After curling the eyelashes, apply the mascara with the curling formula on the upper and lower eyelashes, and then brush the mascara. Soleimani first brush the three layers of curling mascara, and then brush with a round head on the eyelash brush again. She told us: “Grasp the brush handle, and then get the effect of spider legs brushing up and down.”


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Do not drop your lashes

The lower lashes are the last step to getting smoky makeup, but do not clumsy get the mascara all together. If only daily makeup, gently sweep the eyelashes under the brush can be.


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Remove caking

If you want to have the “fly leg” effect, eyelash knot point knot that is a small thing, but for everyday everyday makeup, sticky, knotted eyelashes can be no beauty. While the mascara has not dried, clean the knots with a clean brush.


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Unloading clean makeup

Coated layer after layer of mascara, not only need to cleanser to remover. Need eye makeup remover products help you easily remove the stubborn cosmetics. Use a cotton pad soaked in cleansing water to gently press on the eyelashes for a few seconds so that the cleansing oil penetrates in and rubs the eyes with a cotton pad.

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