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what are real mink lashes?

What are Real Mink Lashes?

What exactly are mink eyelashes? What is the difference between faux eyelashes and mink eyelashes?

Mink eyelashes have a natural quality, you will get a light, fluffy, soft and natural look, which you cannot get from synthetic materials. Real mink eyelashes come from mink tail, usually from Siberian mink or Chinese mink.

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With the development of synthetic materials, many fake mink eyelashes have entered the market. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to identify real minks from fake or artificial minks. I hope this guide can provide you with clear and simple instructions to help you check the eyelashes you bought to understand whether it is a real mink or a fake mink.

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One way to determine whether eyelashes are real is price. If you Wholesale Mink Eyelashes from an Eyelash Vendors. You bought eyelashes at a price of 2-3$, then your eyelashes are likely to be fake. Because the production process of mink eyelashes is very complicated, not every mink The hair is all right. Workers need to select qualified and usable mink hairs from a lot of naturally shed mink hairs, which takes a lot of time. This is only the first step in making mink eyelashes. It can be seen that the cost of mink eyelashes is very high. High. Of course hard work is not in vain. Really handmade mink eyelashes are gorgeous and high-quality.

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Another good way to determine if the eyelashes are real is to perform a burn test. Light the eyelashes with fire to check how the fibers burn and the smell. Artificial fur usually smells like plastic when it burns. However, the real fur exudes that unique burnt smell. Real fur will wrinkle like human hair and burn into ashes.

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Fake mink eyelashes are harder and uncomfortable on the eyes, have no elastic bands, and because they are made of plastic, they feel heavier on the eyes. Moreover, they will not last as long as real mink. If you only use 2-5 times, the eyelashes will start to lose hair and deform. There is no doubt that you are buying faux lashes. If you really like wearing mink eyelashes, And hope to have a good business. Then it is best to wholesale mink eyelashes.

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If you are looking for authentic real mink false eyelashes. Start your own eyelash business. You can contact us. We will provide you with one-to-one enthusiastic service.

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